Curl Philosophy

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IMG_3064If you have curly hair and remember what it was like growing up with hair that no one knew how to handle or deal with, then you had to learn to ‘deal with it’ with products that treated it like it was straight hair. Your hair was cut with straight hair techniques. The hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of products and tools you bought to try to control your hair didn’t work. This sent you a message that ‘there is something wrong with my hair’.

Well, that is about to change!

Curly Hair is your God-given unique way of expressing who you are. Wearing your hair Curly is a choice you make and that no matter what others will say, you are proud of what you have. Most wear their hair str8 because they do not know how to deal with the ‘frizz’ or uncontrollable ‘triangle/tree’ look. So, my question to you is: What if your hair didn’t frizz or have a triangle shape…would you wear it Curly?

Most answer “Yes” and that is what my service is designed for.


I love curly hair and have seen some of the biggest transformations from unruly, uncontrollable frizzy hair to be beautiful, soft and frizz-free. You will experience  this change when you come in with your first visit with me.

Feel free to visit my Facebook Business Page for more examples of my work and when you ‘Like’ it, you will get updates as to my before & after photo’s & tips to working with Curly Hair. I invite you to do this before your visit to see how my service impacts others and to make sure I am the right stylist for your hair.

All of my services and products are guaranteed!

The main emphasis of my Service Experience is this: Your hair doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’, your hair needs to be ’embraced’.
What happens is people go to the salon with frustration, frizz and unmanageable hair and the stylist will want to ‘fix’ this – sell you flat irons, brushes & chemical treatments to ‘fix’ your hair.

I do not do this – I have a mentality of teaching you to embrace your hair and with a bit of practice you can learn to love your hair and have it soft, touchable and frizz free along with being manageable.
I do NOT do relaxers, I sell no flat irons or brushes, I have no chemical treatments to str8n your curls.

All I use are your God-given curls, water soluble products that improve the quality of your hair over time (instead of getting worse over time) and I use my hands and scissors (no combs or towels) to work my form of Artistry with your hair.

This is how your hair should be treated. The next step to embracing your hair is to get my online course Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method and learn all you can by removing you from the confusion and overwhelm of Instagram or YouTube and stop being a Product Junkie. Once you learn The MAP Method you can move on to more important things in life and save some money to take a vacation or save for retirement!

Also, I give every client 2-3 weeks to work with their curls and if any thing needs to be tweaked or snipped after your visit – there is no charge for this.