Annie’s Perfect Hairstylist Checklist

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Something unique happened in my industry – I became the first hairstylist (specifically a Curly Hair Specialist) that broke the major rule of NEVER let your client do their own hair in your salon – and yet…it worked! I teach The MAP Method of product application and I ‘did’ my clients hair, spoke and verbally explained everything and showed my …


eBook Coming Out Soon!

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Hello – I have been getting so many great testimonies and photos from People of Curl – all around the globe – of success with Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method online course – thank you all for submitting, sharing and sending in photos of your results. If you would like to check into this course – CLICK HERE …


Brianne’s Flax Seed Gel Recipe

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I have a passion for Flax Seed Gel (FSG) as I think it relates to my passion for cooking, a love for recipes that can be modified and the feel that it gives you once it is dry, as it is addictive to the touch for many that make this. I look at FSG as something like Ramen – a …


Going Grey? You can DO IT – Learning to Embrace Silver Hair!

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Susan Nelson made a decision for herself – and this is something I recommend all my clients do for any choice they consider taking on – do it for yourself first – and she did! Silver Hair is BEAUTIFUL! Taking on Positive Change is empowering to many that sit in my chair every day. When you are confident about a …

Curly Hair Artistry – BEST OF 2013 – (Part 1)

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As far as products are concerned, we are a group of Artists that meet by discussing products freely, without fear of criticism or judgement, and learn about which ones work best overall for the majority of stylists that incorporate variety in their work. Our community is non-product specific as we do not want a brand identity influencing our choices or …

Dear Salon Industry

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We as hairstylists have come to realize that curly hair should not be treated the way we are taught in cosmetology schools across the globe. As stylists leave their journey at cosmetology school, a simple fact emerges – that wavy, curly and multi textural hair is not treated with respect for what it is but is treated as something to …

Curly Hair Artistry – 1 year Anniversary

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Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was formed January 21 2013 with the intention of leading the industry with advanced Art, Methods and Business that relate to the craft of working with all types of Wavy/Curly & Multi Textural Hair, as well as, the client relationships that are apart of our business. We also incorporate a freedom to discuss products and application …

Curly Hair Artistry Symposium

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Here is a Press Release: Natural Curls are on the rise with more people embracing and accepting their wavy and curly hair they were born with according to Scott Musgrave, owner of Scott Musgrave Hair in Cary, N.C. Hair Stylists across the country & Europe are looking for advanced curly hair education to help them understand the “how to” on …

Kids with Curly Hair

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Moms- I get asked often “Do you do children’s cuts?” and I do. A lot of them. And the price is the same for kids as it is for adults as many children have the same amount of hair – if not even more – and I cut each curl dry one at a time, and it is intense cutting …