Brianne’s Flax Seed Gel Recipe

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I have a passion for Flax Seed Gel (FSG) as I think it relates to my passion for cooking, a love for recipes that can be modified and the feel that it gives you once it is dry, as it is addictive to the touch for many that make this. I look at FSG as something like Ramen – a …


Going Grey? You can DO IT – Learning to Embrace Silver Hair!

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Susan Nelson made a decision for herself – and this is something I recommend all my clients do for any choice they consider taking on – do it for yourself first – and she did! Silver Hair is BEAUTIFUL! Taking on Positive Change is empowering to many that sit in my chair every day. When you are confident about a …


Curly Hair Artistry – Best of 2014

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Every year Curly Hair Artists report in on what they have been using through out the year and 2014 was a great year for the Advanced Training we did in Rockville MD and Allen Park MI with expanding our knowledge base utilizing art, methods/techniques and the business of wavy, curly & multi cultural hair – and using products with our …


How are you doing with your hair?

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This is a private blog questionnaire for those of you that are getting my blog updates – with a question or two for you:     How are you doing with your hair?   What frustrates you the most about your hair?   What would you like to learn more about?   While I may not be able to cut …

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Tips for Day 2-4 Curls.

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I have been experimenting with Day 2-4 hair for awhile now and with feedback from others and even my own curls reveals that it does take some time to get used to working with your hair to extend your products for a couple/few days. If you stay constant with practicing this – I talk to people that realistically take 1-2 …

Follow Recipe or Be Intuitive? Cooking with Curls!

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When you cook do you follow a recipe to learn from and then expand it to make it your own? -or- if you do not like how the recipe turns out do you go out and find another recipe? I love to cook and learn a lot about my business from the cooking world. One example of this is with …

Curly Hair Artistry – Global Stylist Listing

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Curly Hair Artistry is a group of passionate Curly Hair Specialists that gather together on a private Facebook page and also meet in Curly Hair Salons a couple times a year to share information with each other and expand on what is possible with wavy, curly & multi cultural hair. Each Artist has a unique focus, passion and skill set …

Learning to Care for your Curls – Kim’s Makeover

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One of my most favorite client transformation was with Kim – and what great proof this is of doing what Curly Hair Artists (CHA) do everyday with clients that come in with hair like this: As you can see the hair on the left was very dry & frizzy = and the main reason for this was because it was …

5 Reasons Curly Hair Artistry is a Success!

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We are excited for the explosive growth of Curly Hair Artistry and wanted to share with you 5 principles that have helped CHA to achieve new levels of impacting the Curly Hair Industry (see if you can find them). 1) Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was started in January of 2013 by myself (Scott Musgrave who is a curly hair artist …