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Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

I hear that some husbands or parents ask, “How much for a hair cut?” “Dang, you can go down the street for $15”.

Some have paid $15 or $150 for a cut – and got about the same thing…disappointed!

Everyone has a bunch of products that were promised to help out…again, disappointed!

As I spend time with my clients and do some research on the value that is given from Curly Hair Specialists all over the world, it really is amazing in reading how many times that the service is so valued to the many that try it out, and when they take a chance on going to a stylist that specializes in Curly Hair, they find comfort in finally finding someone that gives them a sense of being understood for the first time in their lives.

Most People of Curl go to a salon two times a year on average. Many leave the salon wet after their shampoo, comb out wet cut and do not want a brush to touch their hair, many do not use a flat iron or a want a blow out. While some do not mind seeing their hair straightened out after a cut 1—2 times a year – most do not wear it that way and just leave wet.

I hear stories of people taking their own products and applying them in the car. The rear view mirror is their best friend!

One of my clients used to go to a fast food chain and get a few cups of water to pour over her head to redo in the parking lot. Ice chunks and all poured over to re-wet their hair!

Spray bottles in the purse are used by some for the same reasons – to redo their hair.

Do you have some hair ties in your purse? Why? For an after salon visit!

As the hair grows out and dries out from the ‘high sales pressure to purchase shampoo or silicone based products’ and a triangle from the ‘I know how to work with curly hair’ layering techniques – all not meant for your curls – many do not look forward to their next salon visit – many have told me that they dread the salon more so than going to the dentist!

Can it be any different? Oh – yes! There are people all over the world looking on line for salons and stylists to go to for help and are pleasantly surprised to find that there are stylists that actually specialize in working with curly hair. But yet, it seems so foreign – as most say, “Why have I not heard of this before?”

What if you found someone that actually loved working with your hair? What if you found someone that actually knew what products we meant for your hair type and over time your hair could actually improve over time and get better? What if you actually liked how your hair grew out over time and maintained its shape much better? Would learning a new routine that teaches you how to work with your hair be of value to you?

Can it be possible that a Service Experience exists that totally caters to your wavy/curly/multi textural hair be possible?

Yes – to all of this.

What you pay for in the salon with a curly hair specialist is way more than the writing out of a check, or the numbers on a credit card – no, you get someones passion and care that is expressed in giving you comfort and confidence in knowing there is someone that specializes in not only knowing about your hair – but also your heart, wellbeing and all of what you have been through to develop a service that is up and above and exceeds anything out there – this has reached a level of Artistry for many – and requires more time, attention and detail that gives you a sense of being understood. This has reached a point where you actually look forward to a future hair appointment for the first time in your life.

YES! There really is another world out there that speaks a vocabulary that is initially ‘weird’ but over time it resonates with your soul – as it is something that you find easy to understand in a short period of time – that makes for a ‘language’ to look forward to talking about on your next visit. I am always amazed at the first time session with a client, introducing them to this ‘world’ and how it can be a bit overwhelming at first….they go home and work it out….they return on the next visit all excited and ‘talking the talk’ – it is so fast to learn something that should have been shown to you long ago but wasn’t.

Clients from all over the world are actually excited to be with their curly hair specialist. When you return to the stylist knowing that their care, passion and integrity are incorporated and valued specifically for you and revealed through the service, cutting methods and product application techniques.
So much training, practice and experience goes into your service. That is a sign of an Artist that truly loves their craft.

You see, it is not just about paying for a hair cut – it is more about an Artist living a lifestyle that has embraced their passion into a Service Experience that brings their passion to you.

Is it worth it? I realize not everyone can afford some of these stylists and that some are in areas that income levels and the economy is something to also consider. But when you do learn about it and save up for it – I hear from many that it is of value and it can now be incorporated into the budget for many….and having someone love on you and be excited to see you sit in their chair for the first time in your Curly Life…this really is MagiCurl.

Curly Hair Artistry – BEST OF 2013 – (Part 1)

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As far as products are concerned, we are a group of Artists that meet by discussing products freely, without fear of criticism or judgement, and learn about which ones work best overall for the majority of stylists that incorporate variety in their work. Our community is non-product specific as we do not want a brand identity influencing our choices or decisions on what to use or how we use them. We are much like a Consumers Reports when it comes to experimenting with products that work great for us and best for you, the client. This past year has brought us a wonderful Gel from Jessicurl named Spirialicious Styling Gel. It has amazing hold and controls frizz with the methods we use for application. We have named Spirialicious Gel product of the year. You can find it here:

This leads us to what we have found to be the best Fusion Blend in 2013. (Fusion Blending is taking two different brands and combining them to make something new, either together or layered on the hair one after the other.) CHA Master Educator Robin Sjoblom created a super combo of applying this blend on wet hair, leaving in a bit of conditioner, using Deva’s Frizz Free Volumizing Foam all over and then applying Jessicurls Spirialicious Gel on top to seal it all up. Let dry and fluff it up after it is dry to have the most beautiful frizz free waves and curls. It is the best Fusion Blend Combo of the year! Deva’s Frizz Free Foam can be found here:

Robin has also contributed what we feel is a breakthrough with The Art of Clipping Hair to create movement, height and volume that is called Rainbow Clipping. This is something we share with our clients or in our Artist Teaching Sessions. Thank you Robin for sharing what works best for you with us. Robin can be found through this link:

What conditioner do we sell the most of and love using in our work? Best of 2013 goes to Deva’s One Condition is most used in our salons and in our own hair for the hydration it gives. You can leave some in, rinse it all out, use it as a styling aid or even to cleanse your scalp as a Co-Wash. We love it and it will be hard to beat:

One new cleanser that we were made aware of came from Ron Suriano of Moisture Salon in Schenectady, NY who can be found at: Ron has experimented with a line called NYC Curls and many are fond of the Cleanser that is Wheat Free along with the delightful mint scent that feels great on the scalp with no residue. It can be found here:

After applying products on the hair, many have started using a Flour Sack Towel on their hair to scrunch in the products, fill in the hair better, get nice formations and reduce air dry time by reducing the water left in the hair. You can find these towels in stores in packages of a dozen for $10-15. While many use a T-Shirt as well, the Flour Sack Towel won with votes for something new and different that worked really well.

This is Part 1 in a series of what Curly Hair Artistry has found to be some top of the line products, methods and tools for doing what we do that are used in your visit to a CHA Artist.

Oils can be healing or destroying

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Oils can be healing but many use it incorrectly and it is destroying your hair.

Many oils are blended with cheap silicones, so lets take a look at what both do to our hair and then I will start a session of using oils by themselves.

There is a misleading reality in using oils blended with silicones and this is the false advertising many are buying into by saying how ‘moisturizing’ oils are. Buying into this false system of beliefs leads us to wonder if our hair is ‘damaged’ and needs ‘fixing’. So when we buy into the marketing, we apply the silicone filled oil onto our hair and the oil spreads out like melted butter and the silicone ‘hardens’ to form a coating that ‘seals’ in the artificial ‘moisture’. This will actually help with controlling frizz – but at a serious negative consequence of building up and looking oily and eventually drying out your hair and causing breakage.

My brother recently redid the floors in a home I was brought up in, and someone dropped some form of oil on the wood and it was coated over with shlack then re-stained…crazy isn’t it. Well, the same thing is happening to our hair as it gets coated in butters and oils that are incorporating a silicone or paraben to coat the hair causing it to become a bendable form of coated hair – very much like Curly Hair Artistry member and master curly hair stylist Shai Amiel owner of Capella Salon in LA recently showed a picture of old telephone wire that is coated with plastic and bent out of shape (remember those old phone cords that where delightfully curly at first, then became entangled over time), well our hair gets very much like that over time with the improper care and misuse of Silly’Cones and Sp’Oils.

Lets take a closer look as to what oils are and what oils can be used for.

Over time, oils are building up and creating a coating. This is not moisturizing or healing – it is damaging and destructive.

Can Oils be used correctly and handled properly?


But first, what happens if you are dependent on oils – you will not like what I am about to write and some will say that this information will not work.

If you never use oils – then you will wonder if this message to you will even do anything. As the correct way of using oils can be so subtle but yet very effective. The distortion of using oils as a styling tool has created a negative visual image of what oils are to be used for. Walking around with coated feeling and visually greasy looking hair is incorrect usage.

If you experiment with PURE oils, you will find they heal, seal and provide natural shine and flexibility to hair in a way that promotes the health of your hair and even your scalp and other areas of your body that could benefit from their healing properties.

The correct usage of oils are to heal and treat symptoms – not to be used to adorn your hair.

Again, the correct usage of oils are intentionally to be so subtle, that it will not be ‘enough’ for some and too much for others – so delicate this subject is, and abused by many, that it really has to be of value for you to even consider using oils in the first place.

So, why use oils?

Oils are mainly used to treat symptoms on your scalp or symptoms for your hair – and many are using the oils that are to treat hair as a tool for healing are using them incorrectly as styling tools.

I want to reiterate – many are using oils that are meant to treat hair symptoms as a styling tool. Coating your hair with repetitive usage of oils builds up to control frizzy hair and many people are finding this to be of value- but is damaging your hair just like silicones do. Please do not walk into a salon for a service with hair that is coated in oil. Why? Your hair has been elongated with the oil coating and is longer looking – if you remove the oil your hair will spring up – even without a cut. So, it is important that you detox your hair, remove the oil coating before your cut to have your hair revert back to its natural length (it will shorten up) and then revert back to its natural state of frizziness to then cut properly and then Re-Hydrate correctly to start the process of healing your hair with true moisture that will reveal your hairs true beauty and length.

Oil Can (Sp)Oil Your Hair?

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Something has become so big that it is consuming some people.

It really should be a tiny part of your hair care routine for working with Wavy, Curly & Multi Textural hair.

What is it?


There comes a point where something that has so much potential and can work in one way to possibly heal, has taken over the industry to become a distorted way of using something with no care and little respect. Now we have marketers and Big Brand names making oils and oil-related products to profit from this mass produced confusion and even create more distortion with the intention to only to make a buck. I refuse to buy into it.

Oils can be used to heal or destroy.

For those of you that know me know that I love to cook – imagine greasy potato chips, fried chicken and fish and oily salad dressings made in restaurants using cheap oils and improper cooking methods. This can make for an unpleasant eating experience. I eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken once a year to remind me to not eat there again, then I hear that MaMa Dips in Chapel Hill NC is THEE place to go for fried chicken, so this is a goal of mine to take my family there. The point of this is that there is a reputation established for something fast and cheap and also for something with a reputation that exceeds expectations. This is very close to what is being done to hair with improper care and cheap ingredients in many products claiming to ‘help’ your hair compared to how things start in certain cultures that use oils correctly.

If you love eggplant as much as I do – have you ever had it greasy? It is horrible and just sits in your stomach like a rock as it was cooked improperly even using cheap oil or very expensive Extra Virgin Olive Oil – as the methods and techniques are what made it bad, but if done well, it is heaven to eat fried correctly.

Incorrect usage of oils combined with cheap ingredients such as Silicones (Dimethicone is a major cheap one used in many) produce hair that can still be dry, frizzy and yet it is coated with a layer of gunky plastic that has built up over time. If you stop using it, your hair reverts back to its natural state, and this is scary for many, as you do not know how to work with water soluble products to keep your hair naturally beautiful and manageable.
If you stop using cone based oil, and you switch to something that is actually good for your hair, you can blame the excellent product on making the hair frizzy and dry, as this is the power of using silicones and oils – they fix things temporarily and easily and you can become dependent on them.

You must get used to using products correctly, practice with them and aim to develop a routine that works.

More is not better. Oils are abused to the point where they can not be removed with water or shampoo, so you do some research and learn that to remove build up (!) they recommend you to use Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as methods to remove buildup – and these work – but you should not depend on them as the over usage of these will create more issues that make you dependent on oils and silicones.

A destructive cycle is being ingrained in you through bad habits and this makes for what I call a Negative Product Memory Experience.

I work with many Curly Hair Artists that can safely remove the build up, properly hydrate your hair and teach you a Positive Product Memory Experience through a service that is personal to each person with Wavy, Curly & Multi Textural hair – and many times we will not even need to use oils. For those of us that do incorporate oils, it is a micro part of our service experience and it works with care and love for the hair predominately using water soluble methods and techniques as this is what makes hair get better over time.

Oils being used incorrectly are destructive and producing bad memories – using oils correctly produces a culture of positive memories and is MagiCurl.

Dear Salon Industry

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We as hairstylists have come to realize that curly hair should not be treated the way we are taught in cosmetology schools across the globe. As stylists leave their journey at cosmetology school, a simple fact emerges – that wavy, curly and multi textural hair is not treated with respect for what it is but is treated as something to fix.

While product manufacturers may dictate information fed to hair stylists, we at Curly Hair Artistry make the art, methods, techniques and the business of working with curly hair a priority. We can influence not only the artist working with curly hair, but more importantly, the more than 65 percent of the population that have some form of wave, curl or multi textural hair, who sit in our chairs every day. They were born with it, and they very much want to learn how to work with it instead of being manipulated to achieve a less-than-desired effect, either physically with heat irons or chemicals, or more importantly, psychologically and in their soul and the spirit of who they are.

Lorraine Massey, the author of Curly Girl the Handbook, said that “Curly hair is not a fad but a lifestyle.” We at Curly Hair Artistry agree with this to the point of developing a team of over 80 stylists who are taking curly hair to new levels of artistry. We want to enable this lifestyle to be a significant part of a man and woman’s journey in life that is working, not based on brand identity, but based on the identity and growth of the artists, our inner drive and our passion for transforming the lives of the clients who sit in our chairs every day.
Hair stylists all over are dropping the antiquated salon service of ‘fixing’ hair and developing methods and techniques of working with water soluble products to reduce or eliminate frizz. We are working to refine and develop ways of working on hair that takes how the hair lives and to incorporate new design elements. By going outside the typical ‘triangle head’ or ‘Rosanrosanadanna’ look that have pushed many into using straight hair layering methods, we now incorporate a system of curl- by-curl cutting. We are headed into a niche business that requires a specialized knowledge that is not taught in many places; and therefore, it should command a fee that will enrich the stylist’s way of life. Look at the average income that was reported recently by some leading reporting agencies to recognize this potential. The approach is a Boutique Business Model of one-on-one service that exceeds anything presently out there when it comes to working with curly hair.

Initially some of these methods were worked on, refined and systemized into a method by Scott Musgrave, a curly hair specialist that started a group of like minded hair stylists with a few ideas and shared them with others. Scott realized that over time this can be repeated and has helped many other stylists adopt this way of working with hair to impact their clients, impact their business and impact their own lives with many rewards not often seen in this industry. Our group is now comprised of stylists all over the world that communicate with each other in new ways to offer guidance, ask questions and post photos showing their work that take their service experience to new levels of professionalism.

Curly hair can be naturally beautiful all by itself with something I call ‘Natural’ and that requires a skill set to make it beautiful that is just not taught much in our industry. Next it can be taken to what I call ‘Natural Fashion’ where elements of design and shape are added along with color, finally to what is more of what the salon industry sees with ‘Fashion’ adding elements that are great for the runway or fashion shoots. What is most clearly missing is working with curly hair in its Natural and even to create Natural Fashion elements. All of this makes for artistry that we want to introduce to the salon industry as Curly Hair Artistry.

Learning to work with curly hair from an antiquated mind set as something to ‘fix’ does not help our clients to love what they are born with and requires a stylist to learn a new set of skills, to ask a new set of questions and to learn a few new methods of communicating with the heart of a curly person. It all has to start with a new mind set toward respecting and appreciating what many People of Curl are first born with and to then learn as stylists about it with a new level of professionalism.

Over time you will be learning about what we do and how we do it by offering tips, showing our work and revealing the many artists that are taking their own form of working with curly hair to new levels.

Welcome to Curly Hair Artistry.

Curly Hair Artistry – 1 year Anniversary

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Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was formed January 21 2013 with the intention of leading the industry with advanced Art, Methods and Business that relate to the craft of working with all types of Wavy/Curly & Multi Textural Hair, as well as, the client relationships that are apart of our business. We also incorporate a freedom to discuss products and application methods without fear of judgement and criticism.

With this vision as the foundation to create a setting to teach what has worked for me and for others over the past year we have grown to reach the globe with a new excitement that stylists love working from and the end result is one that our clients find life changing.

What has happened over the past year is incorporating an open mind to working with multiple products to achieve the best results for our clients. I realized that not every client can use one product line as some have allergies to certain ingredients, may have sensitivity to fragrance or just does not like what they are using. The solution to this is to become more of a Artist with our work because an Expert is great with one line but a Artist has knowledge of a variety of products to bring the client the best results. This comes from an example a client told me that if you go to the Doctor and he goes to give you a shot and you tell him that your allergic to it, and he has no other medicine to offer (but only that one) and will not offer another one because he is only an expert with that one medicine, this will cause you to find a Specialist that will work with your situation to find a solution that works best for YOU. So, we have found a few water soluble silicone free products such as Jessicurl, Deva and NYC Curls (more to come in 2014) to work with that and are great by themselves or we can mix them to achieve new results. Many are even familiar with ingredients to make their own in the kitchen for some fun.

Next was to start telling the world that it really is easy to work with your hair to make it beautiful. There is so much online information that is confusing, overly complicated and uses products and methods that can cause harm to your hair. We now have Artists that have their own websites, blogs, social media accounts and Business Facebook pages that show you before and after photos, tips and product choices that make it easy to find choices quickly and tips that are fun to read and easy to incorporate into a routine that you can personalize to make it your own. {Our goal is to impact the globe with vision from the Artist and not the product manufacture, as this we have found, works best for you: the client.}

Another area I wanted to impact the globe and People of Curl with was Advanced Education that incorporates preserving the best of the past and working with new concepts to inspire the future. From this vision we came up with what we call the Curly Hair Artistry Symposium (CHAS) that celebrates the Artistry of those who are paving the way with the best knowledge, methods and is living with a Curl Philosophy that creates a Culture of working with wavy/curly & multi textural hair that is impacting their community. Our first event was in Atlanta and was hosted by CHA Educator Robin Sjoblom of Capris Salon, Scott Musgrave founder of CHA and special guest Artist and author of Curly Girl the Handbook Lorraine Massey and had 25 of the best curly hair artists in the US and Canada participate. It was a grand success and changed the lives of those that attended including the Educators, models that came from other states to get their hair done and the participants that incorporated this into their business. This cemented the fact that continuous high level education that breaks the box of traditional hair show events will prevail. So, our next event in 2014 will be incorporating the Culture of individual Artists and also celebrating the Culture of the individual sitting in the Artists chair- which is you the client. Hair is important but so is the heritage and individual story you bring to the Artist and we want to celebrate that by doing the best thing you can to learn about it by letting the Artist experience it. This will be called a CHA Intensive held in May in the DC area at Oasis Salon with Wafaya Abdallah hosting the event. We will also bring the CHA Symposium in October to Capella Salon in LA with celebrating the Artistry of Shai Amiel whose vision of working with curls can be seen on clients from TV to music videos and has a great online presence helping people all over the globe to better understand their curls.

Finally the vision of CHA that extends out 3-5 years is being fulfilled every day with a private Facebook page that brings the minds of the best Curly Hair Artists together to learn, share and grow together. While I admit this vision is not for everyone as it requires a passion and persistence to maintain that energy to bring it to your business every day, but for those that are incorporating this vision into their life – it is changing the world one curl at a time and we love it.

Curly Hair Artistry has even formed a public Facebook page. Over time we will introduce you to the Curly Hair Artists that are apart of our community, share what we are learning that is designed for you and reveal what we have found to be the products we love to work with. Do a search for ‘Curly Hair Artistry’ and the public page will pop up and show you what is going on. It is difficult to find the perfect routine for each and every person that is on-line, but if you take the knowledge and incorporate what we share with you – you will develop a routine through tips, tools and techniques that will improve your hair and curls as you practice with them.

Please be patient with us sharing with you what we do and are about as we are different than other pages that represent brands – we are Artist driven and supported – NOT brand supported with any advertising. We are more content driven to share and if you have issues with a brand please contact that brand yourself for specific needs that Curly Hair Artistry is not intended to be or do. We have our own ways with working with products that exceeds manufacture directions on their bottles.

Our lives are so much better because of the people that are participating in our community – the CHA Artists themselves are fun, creative and we have created a family unity that truly wants to make the lives of those we touch to be the best it can be and I personally am very proud to be apart of this and to call each one of them “Family”.

People of Curl

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People of Curl

People of Curl

So many times I am out and about and I will notice someone with wavy, curly or multi textural hair and as I glance at their hair we will many times make eye contact and it is a wonderful moment of purity of appreciating each others hair with a knowing smile of recognition for what we are born with. Unspoken forms of communication are moments to cherish and linger through out the day when they are positive like this.

There is something that resonates in the soul of people that have a variety of movements in their hair – spiritual even.

And it needs to be celebrated.

There are groups out there dealing with:
~ Wavy hair
~ Curly hair
~ Natural hair
~ Multi Textural hair
~ Cultural hair

We want to celebrate it ALL by simply calling it People of Curl and through a group of Curly Hair Artists that work with all sorts of hair – we have a passion most for People of Curl.

You can go to a billion salons all over the world even – and get the same hair cut that is taught in Cosmetology School for $5 or $500 – change it around a bit, use some flourishing with your comb and scissors – you can find that anywhere. When you sit in a salon that has straight irons, or they cut your hair wet with layering techniques that belong on str8 hair, blow it out then curl it with rollers for your wedding or prom style, or you get cut and you just leave…wet – that is not celebrating who you are and what you are born with. That is not working for us. It makes People of Curl go long time between visits to a salon, cut their hair all alone in the kitchen with sewing scissors or have a family member do it = no joy in having a Salon Experience specifically tailored for them.

Curly Hair Artistry wants to change that by celebrating who you are and what you are born with by having the Salon Experience be totally about you and to celebrate not only your hair – as that is why you are with us – but more so who YOU are and your unique story.

I have found that People of Curl have a unique sense of humor that those with straight hair do not have – because they were not brought up with ‘issues’ and ‘drama’ that dealt with our loved ones making comments about our hair, using brushes, getting it all cut off and looking like a boy cut (on a girl), keeping the windows up in the car so our hair will not get blown up, etc…no that story produces a sense of humor that is a form of healing for us. It is something only we can appreciate and over time with healing look back on those stories with a smile. Curly Hair Artists are helping to bring healing to those past stories with (1) a Service Experience that treats you well with what you are born with and (2) gives you the proper information to make your hair get better and better over time.

I am proud to be a part of a group of curly hair specialist that focus their careers on a passion for our hair type – and more so connecting with each other deep in the soul that makes Curly Hair Artistry special.

Sure your hair is important – but who you are is to be celebrated more so and that to me is MagiCurl.


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I am in shock that my own Hair Styling Industry is telling readers in trade journals and in their marketing that Silicones are to be used and of benefit from using the recommended products.

I have seen over time the use of silicones and the consequences of the build up that accumulates on the hair and scalp and this is something to be genuinely concerned about.

As I have mentioned before that the concern with silicones is that they build up on the hair shaft and this prevents the proper hydration that is required to keep hair elastic, soft and in a state of growth instead of breaking off. Silicones are a form of plastic that accumulates on the hair shaft much like a Slim Jim that wraps up a piece of dried meat. As the hair gets coated in plastic it starts to dry out from the inside and starts to swell and eventually breaks off creating thousands of different lengths of hair all over the head that creates uncontrollable frizz and a halo effect of loose hairs.

Look over your products – all of them – to see if you find what my Curly Hair Artistry associate Cassie Rose Carnahan on her website lists some to avoid:

Bisaminopropyl dimethicone
Cetearyl methicone
Cetyl Dimethicone
Stearoxy Dimethicone
Stearyl Dimethicone
Behenoxy Dimethicone
Phenyl trimethicone

It is SILLY to have such a recommendation from my own industry to say that curly hair should use products with these ingredients listed in their products.

What happens when you use silicones? They build up, feel sticky & tacky at times, get slimy when wet, have a weird sheen to them whey dry, clump hair together, prevents moisture and some will have the weird straight hairs on the last 2 inches of the hair, feels slippery after rinsing out the ingredients when in the shower and more.

SO – what can you do?

Stop using them and the plastic starts to shed off the hair cuticle and will look flaky on some people – like dandruff and it is actually the plastic pieces shedding off the hair. Once this happens enough, the hair starts to revert back to its natural state of frizz and look dry – it is at this time that you must learn to get the same effect of the silicone products but now with water soluble products. And over time your hair will become beautiful and improve in its appearance and over all condition. You see, a silly’cone is like a bandaid – it just sits there – but water soluble products improve the hair over time and is why I love my job so much as it is beyond belief for what can happen to your hair once you start and live from a water soluble product routine.

If you use silicones – start off with a Detox from Plastics that is written about here on my blog page – do a search for it.

This article touches base with the consequences of using Silly’Cones. There are Parabens as well that build up on hair and they are listed on products as well. These are all ingredients that keep your hair coated. Manufactures want you to use Shampoo that raises the cuticle to make it dry, poofy & frizzy and eventually break over time – then they want you to use their silicone based products to seal up the hair with liquid plastic – this is a destructive cycle that goes on for years if not the whole life of some curly’s. Imagine many that use silicone base products to repel moisture and humidity and then flat iron their hair! Oh my – yes you apply 450 degree of heat to melt the silicone into your hair – and wonder why your hair is not curling when you want to wear it curly – as it looks irregular and out of sorts. Makes you want to cut it all off or do something like a Straightening Treatment to make it more str8 instead of learning how to work with what you are born with.

You can learn to love what you are born with.

When you stop using the shampoo and silicone based products – your hair starts a journey of healing and that is why I write about what is working for myself, my Curly Hair Artistry associates and also my clients – as their hair comes back in better and better condition and that is exciting – so exciting in fact that it truly is MagiCurl.

Thoughts on Thinning Hair

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Some thoughts on hair that is thinning.

While I do not have the solution to thinning hair – I have found some things that can be of help.

1) Many with fine hair or thinning hair are too gentle with their scalp for fear of loosing more hair if they over work their hair. I have found that if you massage your scalp through out the week on a dry scalp or as you are in the shower – you can increase the growth of your hair by 1/2 inch in a year – you may think that is not much – but it is actually a lot when you think about the rubbing motions you do on your scalp can increase hair growth speed – so that is definitely something to consider is to massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers. This feels great to bring blood flow up to your scalp and stimulate your scalp with blood that brings nutrients to the follicle under your scalp.

2) Some clients take Biotin and see results with taking this.

3) Your hair sheds 60, 80 – 100 hairs a day! This is Natural Shedding. What you do not want to do is what I call Forced Shedding and this happens by breaking hair off unintentionally. You can cause hair breakage by letting your hair get dry, then sleep on a Cotton Pillow Case that can cause your hair to develop weak spots on the length of the hair from the friction of your head moving around on a cotton pillow case and over time break off causing thousands of different length hairs all over your head that want to stand out and look frizzy or float around uncontrollably. Solution: Hydrate your hair with a Deep Conditioner at least twice a month, sleep on a Satin Pillow case or a breathable Silk Pillow Case if the Satin Case causes heat issues for you. Try to eliminate a brush or detangling comb from your routine and do as much as you can with your fingers and hands for removing tangles.

4) You may have learned as a youngster to not rub your head with a towel – as this friction aggravates the cuticle of our hair to make it frizzy – and over time develops weak spots along the hair shaft to case breakage. The same thing happens over time by sleeping on a cotton pillow case – so using a T-Shirt, Paper Towels or what is called Flour Sack Towels (usually thinner than a t-shirt) to squeeze your hair after applying your styling products or to remove excess water from your hair.

5) Lathering agents really do dry out the hair but more so the scalp as the lathering agents dry out the scalp and tighten the scalp area restricting blood flow. This can lead to or cause all sorts of issues from dandruff, over active oil production to compensate for the dryness and stripped skin cells. Solution: Use Sulfate Free Cleansers.
Using Silicone based products prevent conditioners to hydrate your hair. Products can lay on top of the silicone build up and the hair under the plastic coating dries out leading to Forced Shedding.

Eliminate these issues along with the other options and you will see a difference in your hair.

Scientist have mentioned in my research that many do not loose as much hair as they believe, but what happens is that the diameter of the hair gets smaller. So what that means is that we somewhat maintain the same amount of hair over time but the actual individual hair gets thinner making our hair feel like we have less.

Our hair also goes in cycles of growth, falling out and a period of rest – and this is why I believe Scalp Stimulation is very important to keep what we do have healthy and to be encouraging growth in those rest periods.

These methods of working with your hair will reduce Forced Shedding (breakage) and over time – realistically 6 months to a year or so – you can notice that you may not grow more hair but it will seem thicker as you are not breaking hair off as much and it is keeping what you do have in better condition to not break off.

I look forward to hearing about your own journey with thinning hair if you have it. I have only covered partially of what is possible and am not a Doctor, so I can not talk about prescriptions or offer medical advise on your Thyroid, Hormonal Fluctuations, etc. – but am only offering my experience of what has worked for others.

Please get medical advise from your physician on all matters of your health as your hair is one of many considerations that can reveal deeper issues of what may be going on physically and internally.

Working to keep what hair we do have in a healthy state is MagiCurl.

Scalp Alive Re-Boot

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Make your scalp come alive by a simple Scalp Alive Re-Boot with:

I love to refresh my clients scalp before a cut by applying this to the scalp only and then I do my cut and do a cleansing session – and I do this myself once or twice a month and wanted to share it with you all.

This is wonderful feeling and is done in the following way -

I will pull out my Jessicurl Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil and spray into my hand a couple/few times- using my other hand I dip into it with the pads of my fingers and apply at different locations on my scalp. Once done (I love the temple areas most and back of the head near the neck for some reason) I use the pads of my fingers and really dig in and slowly rub around for a couple/few minutes. There is a nice natural fragrance from the oils that are in this product. It is a 2oz spray bottle and have used it many times with a lot left over. There are other ways to use this but just wanted to share this basic way of using it on a dry scalp (as it can also be done on a wet scalp as well).

I leave this in for 30-60 minutes (or even over night). Feels light and like ‘something is happening’ with no burning for me.

Next, I want to use something that has mint or another stimulator and I have found that when I use Deva’s No Poo and apply a gum ball amount and apply as I did with the Scalp Massage Oil with dipping into the hand that has the cleanser in it and applying it here and there on my scalp and massage real well with only the pads of my fingers- it has a wonderful feel to it and hydrates a bit as well.

If I want to Alternate – I use something new from NYC Curls with The Curl Cleanser and this feels very nice with peppermint and is even more noticeable for me on my scalp. Again, massage into your scalp and notice the aromatherapy that comes out to make your senses come alive.

These products are invigorating and feel wonderful to do all year long – but even more so during the winter to Re-Boot your Scalp with all the dry air coming out soon. There will be no oil residue left behind. Your scalp will feel refreshed…and so will you.

Follow up with your conditioner and realize that a stimulated scalp is alive and MagiCurl!