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Curly Hair Artistry – Best of 2014

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Every year Curly Hair Artists report in on what they have been using through out the year and 2014 was a great year for the Advanced Training we did in Rockville MD and Allen Park MI with expanding our knowledge base utilizing art, methods/techniques and the business of wavy, curly & multi cultural hair – and using products with our business is one part of what we do and wanted to share with all of you what we have loved using during the 2014 year.

The following results are from Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) Members and compiled by myself (Scott Musgrave – Founder of Curly Hair Artistry) and the results are as follows:

We have had great success with a variety of products over the past year and one has stood out again and again from many CHA Members as what they have found to be a wonderful addition to their business – and last year it was Sprialicious Gel from Jessicurl and it is AGAIN this year! Why? Well, we have had more Artists try it out for the first time and fall in love with it and say that it is a game changer in what it does – so, a repeat vote to make it for:
Best Product of the Year is Spirialicous Gel from Jessicurl.
This is a versatile product that can be used both as a Filler and a Sealer in humidity or in dry air that is easy to use and gives wonderful consistent results – and that means we can depend on that for our form of Artistry and also for our clients to purchase and use with confidence.
Congrats to Jessicurl for a repeat of last year with Best Products of 2014 with Spirialicious Gel.

Best Overall Cleanser: Deva No Poo - which is a creamy sulphate free cleanser that works wonders for cleansing the scalp.
Runner ups for Best New Cleanser – Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo & Raw Curls Cleansing Shampoo – many CHA Artists have found these cleansers to be light and were great Alternatives to add to their back bar at work and also with offering something different for their clients.

Best Overall Conditioner – Deva wins again with One Conditioner – and this was a repeat victory as well with 2013 being a winner in this category – we love Deva One Conditioner!
Runner up – Jessicurl Too Shea was a new product for many CHA Artists with them trying it out for the first time and really enjoying the feel of the hair and ease of working with it. This is quickly becoming a Best Seller for many CHA Artists.

Best Deep ConditionerJessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment is so rich and thick that you almost have to take the lid off to squeeze it out and then it melts into your hair. Apply and put a plastic cap on and sit under a hood dryer or walk around for 30 minutes and rinse some out as you leave some in and apply stylers. This product has been out for awhile but it is new for many stylists in CHA.
Runner up – Deva’s Heaven In Hair.

Best Filler – Curly Hair Artistry uses many products beyond the mini description on the label of the product and takes it out of the box to come up with creative ways to use them – one being a ‘Filler’ where we use this to regulate Frizz and help control Halo and 2014 votes were for:
Best NEW Filler to Original Moxie for Shapeshifter. This is a soft hold agent that is wonderful for many hair types and a little goes a long way and has been helpful for many during the dry Winter air periods to helping with humidity during the Summer.
Runner up for Best New Filler goes to Briogeo Styling Cream – a light soft product with a wonderful fragrance.
Both products in this category work wonders for High Porosity hair first and give very good results on Low Porosity hair and help out in controlling Halo using The MAP method of product application and other methods used by Curly Hair Artists.

Best Sealer – once you Cleanse – Hydrate & Fill the hair we Seal it all up with a holding agent and this years votes for Best NEW Sealer goes to Mop Top Curly Hair Custard. This Aloe based custard has a citrus fragrance and is fun to use and gives great hold and once used correctly can be used on a variety of wave/curl patterns.
Runner up for Best New Sealers are Raw Curls Firm Gel, Original Moxie Just Gel and a long time favorite gets a thumbs up for showing up every year for Deva’s Ultra Defining Gel.

Best Fabric to scrunch the hair with? Votes come in for Flour Sack Towels. These can be found in the cooking section of many stores and are a light cotton fabric used to dry dishes with most of the time – and they work well with Fabric Scrunching as well as Plopping.
Runner up – many love using T-shirts at home.
Another with soft absorbent Paper Towels (great to use at the end to get that last bit of water our for faster air drying). If you are unfamiliar with how to use these – contact a CHA Artist near you.

Most anticipated NEW products to work with in 2015? Earthtones Naturals. These products were exposed to us at the Fall Symposium in Allen Park MI from Keina Morgan a CHA member in Toronto and educator specializing in multi cultural hair.
Runner up’s: while a couple have had experience with Briogeo, Mop Top & Original Moxie – we look forward to learning more about their ingredients and usage coming up in 2015.

Best Business Book of the Year – Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty
Runner up’s: The Go-Giver by Bob Burg, The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon & The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Curly Hair Artistry has helped hair stylists that specialize in all forms of curly by forming professional relationships that has dramatically helped fulfill the Personal Vision of growing their business, helping others to succeed in a positive environment, encouraged a few Artists to open salons that have a focus only on curly hair, some bring in and train assistants to reach new levels of service that also builds a legacy of what mentoring can accomplish…all inspired by participating in the Curly Hair Artistry Community.

We are a community that has a passion for what can be done with wavy, curly & multi cultural hair.

Every day we share information, before and after photos, ask for help & encouragement and show each other what is possible by stepping out in faith to take risks of what you are capable of and every comment that came in was respectful and appreciative of providing a safe healthy professional environment to be able to dream, accomplish and participate in this.

Finally – Curly Hair Artistry Artist of the Year:

There were a handful of CHA Artists that were nominated with repetition and one Artist stood out based on showing their level of passion for their work, contributions to help others and share their experience and reflected a heart for what Curly Hair Artistry represents with: Carleen Sanchez!
Carleen is an Artist in every meaning of the word. She has taken the information learned in CHA and increased her business of working with curly hair, trained and mentored assistants to impact their vision of what is possible with their own potential, created photo shoots using black light art to also winning contests through other hair stylist contests based on her vision & creativity of cutting and her passion for hair color reveals other areas of thinking and creativity to express her form of Artistry.
Congratulations Carleen!

A close runner up was Krista Levitt – an Artist that transforms many of her clients based on her passion and commitment to working with curly hair. Krista shares her journey of working that inspires many stylists to learn from on what they can incorporate into their own business. Ever since Krista has been a Member of CHA she has contributed more than any other Artist with how she runs her business and has encouraged Artists over the years we have been active with her passion and form of Artistry. A humble bow to you Krista in respect for what was a VERY close vote.

A final mention goes to Yukiko Taylor who got mentioned as well for her level of Artistry, opening a salon recently that is taking over her area, as well as, sharing her journey so that others will benefit and be encouraged to grow. Your contributions have been noticed and you have inspired more people than have commented on a post – but more so to CHA in messages and emails to me – thank you Yukiko and we look forward to all that you do and bring for 2015!

Other mentions: Robin Sjoblom, Wafaya Abdullah, Melissa Stites & Ron Suriano – many thanks to you for your contributing your passion and form of Artistry that helps and encourages us everyday!

Many thanks to all that share their vision and contribute to our community – Curly Hair Artistry is growing and changing to impact the salon industry through a mutual respect for those that share their experience with a group of like minded passionate risk takers.
We are dedicated to building, nurturing and establishing a Professional Community that sets a standard of excellence in our passion for wavy, curly & multi cultural hair with hair stylists, manufactures and the most important person of all…the clients that sit in our chair every day.
Curly Hair Artistry realizes we are not a perfect fit for everyone – so we also recommend potential clients visit and to find a local stylist that may help you to find a fit best suited to you, your personality and curl type. Please read their reviews and visit the salon websites to help you make the best choice for you and your hair.
If you are a passionate hair stylist interested in your growth with (Facebook link) – Curly Hair Artistry – feel free to contact one of the Artists on our listing for more information to review your experience for future membership. Most of our Artists have been to Advanced Training with Curly Hair Artistry  and some others stylists are listed and are current members and are passionate curly hair specialists that have received other Training or are Educators for companies. will be up and running soon – so in the meantime use this list to help you find someone in our community to help you with your curls.

How are you doing with your hair?

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This is a private blog questionnaire for those of you that are getting my blog updates – with a question or two for you:



How are you doing with your hair?


What frustrates you the most about your hair?


What would you like to learn more about?


While I may not be able to cut your hair – product selection and application are important for your hair – are you happy with the products and application method you are using?


Would you email me your replies – and tell me what you would like more of to better serve you at:


I will not be able to reply to these personally at this time – but I will focus on your replies for future blogs and develop some content to help you.

Thank you!



Tips for Day 2-4 Curls.

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I have been experimenting with Day 2-4 hair for awhile now and with feedback from others and even my own curls reveals that it does take some time to get used to working with your hair to extend your products for a couple/few days. If you stay constant with practicing this – I talk to people that realistically take 1-2 months of getting these ideas ingrained into a routine.

While Wavy can get more than day 1 hair – I have found that wavy hair gets longer and looser looking as the days progress and these methods can work for some wavies – but this article is more for Curlier hair (hence the title).

I read a Facebook post by Angela Delyani recently talking about how she goes 4-5 days with her curls and asked her to give us a sense of what she has and how she works her routine for her curls – and this is her reply:

My curly hair background in a nutshell: I had stick-straight hair until I hit puberty. Then it shifted from curly to wavy and back, but it was mostly a big, frizzy mess. Once it settled on curly, I did some time as a Roseanne Rosannadanna look-alike before convincing my (then) hair stylist to try some layers. The turning point occurred when I discovered Devacurl products. I gave a friend one of the styling products and she brought it to her next hair appointment to introduce it to her (and now my) stylist. Our stylist, Cathy Kimpton  liked it so much that she became a Devacurl-trained stylist and she now carries the entire line of products. There’s no substitute for a cut that’s designed specifically for curly hair.

General experience: I learned that it takes time for your curls to fully recover from using damaging products for years, and some simple, easy tricks: pineappling (even short, layered hair like mine), sleeping on a satin pillowcase, and scrunching until I hear the squish while I’m conditioning.

4-day curls(or more than 1 day): 4-day curls are curls that still look great 4 days from the last wash and/or conditioning treatment. In the morning, after releasing the pineapple and allowing my hair to settle, I flip my head over, spray my curls with a combination of gel and water, scrunch, then let them reap the benefit of the humidity from the shower. I let them dry while I’m getting ready, and if they’re still a bit frizzy, I rub some conditioner and water in my hands, then lightly glaze them over my curls. I wait a little while until they’re completely dry, flip my head over and gently put my fingers under and give them a shake, then flip them back, and take care of any strands that are out of place.”

Thank you Angela!

A Facebook friend in Mexico – Ingrid Manrique – shared with me that she fills up a bowl of water and uses it to refresh her hair. I call it “Ingrid’s Bowl” for rewetting.

If your hair is long enough you can dip your hair into the bowl or grab some water in the cup of your hands and bring it up to your hair and squeeze it in – I mentioned to Ingrid that you can consider adding some of your products to the water (or even an Essential Oil) and once you are done you can pour the left over water back into a large mouth container for refrigeration and use a few times or put into a spray bottle for use. You do not need much product in the bowl – just a couple of squirts of your favorite products – as this is just a very diluted version of what is already in your hair.

Another method that has given me (personally) some good results is wetting my hair to about 50% wet and then applying some conditioner (US Dime size or less on shorter hair) to my wet hands and squeeze and rub it together in my palms and then onto my hair in a glazing motion all over – not just on top – and then I will wet my hands again and use a bit of gel or styling foam to dilute the product and apply throughout my hair and let it rest and melt into the hair for a bit – then use a fabric to scrunch it in.

You will get nicer results with squeezing it in a LOT more than you think – just keep squeezing it in and looking at the formations starting to form – you want to hear a squishy sound – they should be getting clumpier the more your scrunch your waves & curls.

You will always hear me say that “Wetter is Better” – as with some curl types you will get a better result with wetter hair. The wetter you get, the better it will be for those of you that are prone to more frizz and halo – then you can use The MAP method for better halo control if you have been taught that application process.

Air dry, Diffuse or if you have a home Hood Dryer you can use that as well as combo with air drying for a bit and then use a diffuser for additional volume.

The thing is…you are not starting all over, but learning to extend the products that are already in your hair and reactivating them, reducing frizz and halo and discovering how to work with your hair to make it look better instead of pulling it back all the time (of which you can still do).

Using a spray bottle to dampen your hair, smooth out some of the halo/frizz and THEN put up into a Pine Apple and sleep on a Satin Pillow Case and throughout the night your hair ‘processes’ a bit and when you remove the ‘scrunchy’ in the morning- it will need a tweak of water on the ends (or an essential oil) and many do this for up to 2-4 days with very nice results compared to just putting it up dry.

I have found that if you have wavy hair – it is better to use less product on your hair to reactivate as the additional conditioner or gel can elongate your hair – so I recommend if you do this at all (as this works better on more curly to ringlets), experiment with a foam based product, as I find this to enhance curls more so than something heavier. A very light application of Gel that goes into your wet hands and mixed the diluted gel will give nice results too if you use a fabric to then squeeze it into your hair as your lift your hair up to scrunch with the fabric.

Each of us have a unique wave, curl and multi cultural pattern with a  texture and porosity that takes practice and once your routine falls into place (give it 1-2 months) and it becomes second nature – it will be MagiCurl.

Follow Recipe or Be Intuitive? Cooking with Curls!

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When you cook do you follow a recipe to learn from and then expand it to make it your own?

-or- if you do not like how the recipe turns out do you go out and find another recipe?

I love to cook and learn a lot about my business from the cooking world. One example of this is with following recipes.

Over time I have learned enough of what I like and do not like so that I can read a recipe and then adjust it to my own taste. I will use the recipe as a guide and not as a map – whereas some use a recipe as a map to get to a destination and NEVER veer off path.

On the other hand, I have been with my wife of 19 years to know that most times if she follows the recipe and does not like the end result, she will not modify it, but instead look for a new recipe.

I can cook pasta sauce 20 different ways, as long as they taste good I do not care how it is made – but the end result is it has to taste and look good. I modify it based on what I want in that day as sometimes I like onions in it and other times I do not. Caramelized garlic at times is wonderful in it or I may go with garlic powder. I LOVE variety in formulating recipes.

When you cook that is the beauty of learning and over time making it intuitive – second nature – to adjust and make it your own. I like a spice cabinet filled with variety from all around the world – and some home cooks like a spice hanger with 4 containers in it to use with every meal.

Baking on the other hand is another deal all together – as you MUST follow a recipe and an order. I do not like to bake.

My wife on the other hand loves to bake and this makes sense now as she loves to follow a recipe. So in our home she is the baker and when I have time I will cook but she is also a great cook and there is nothing wrong with following a recipe – it is just not how I love to cook.

This ends up effecting my work as a Curly Hair Artist as I love to learn about products, their viscosity and how that affects porosity (porosity determines viscosity!) & ingredients to then, in my mind, make a rapid unique recipe for a clients hair.

So this is my own personal love for my form of Artistry is not to be bound by brand based methods but to be a Curl’chef and develop recipes in the Curl’kitchen of my everyday work and to then share those with others.
Brand Based Methods are very much like the recipes on a can of soup – they work and they are a great start for what to do – but do not fit every bodies taste, so if you do not know how to modify them you can be disappointed. Many clients read the labels on products for usage and are disappointed – so where do they look for help? Hopefully their Curly Hair Artist stylist!
Learning to modify is what I love to do.

In the end – both are necessary for learning and growth and some prefer one over the other based on taste – but I find that in my studio as a Curly Hair Artist – I love to gain an understanding of something so well that I can intuitively create from variety and yet keep it simple and easy to understand.

Or – you may be a person that loves to bake and you know what – I can provide you with a Curl’bakers recipe that is short, sweet and to the point for you!

If you love to be a Curl’cook I can make a custom recipe for your hair with variety and make it easy to follow as well as be creative.

You want to have some fun with me after your first visit? Tell me to cook up something special for your curls and let me go to work – as I do my best when I go into a creative flow state using a variety of products and like a great experience in a restaurant you will get a sensory experience of dining out but only for your curls – and that is MagiCurl.

Curly Hair Artistry – Global Stylist Listing

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Curly Hair Artistry – Global Stylist Listing


Curly Hair Artistry is a group of passionate Curly Hair Specialists that gather together on a private Facebook page and also meet in Curly Hair Salons a couple times a year to share information with each other and expand on what is possible with wavy, curly & multi cultural hair.

Each Artist has a unique focus, passion and skill set and you will want to contact them before hand to make sure your hair will be taken care of as best as possible.

While many of the Artists listed have attended Advanced Curly Hair Artistry training – some other have training in other methods, or they are also educators for curly hair companies – and all of these Artists show a level of skill and passion that are dedicated to advancing the Art of Curly Hair and are selected for listing here:



Krista Leavitt~Curl Specialist
Barrie, Ontario (one hour north of Toronto)


Book online at:



Trudie Mulalu
Owner, Deva Advanced Stylist
Curl Bar
33A Sherbourne Street (downtown Toronto)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 4J4



Matthew James Hair
The salon is Puro Organic Hair, 115 John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1AE.
Phone number +44 121 616 1168




Leslie Braswell Leslie Braswell /Master stylist/Deva Inspired stylist
Braswell Hair Skin Body
410 Johnston St. Suite B
Decatur, Al. 35601
(256) 350-2639


Susanne Kende
Me My Curls And I
4611 Mercury street
Suite A
San Diego California 92111

Cindy Latter 

Deva Inspired Stylist and Curl Specialist

6642 E. PCH Long Beach Ca 90803
Located inside Phenix Salon Suite 112&113

Beverly Neeland (salon owner, stylist)
Hello Curls Salon
1205 24th Street #2
Sacramento CA 95816

Dianne Nola
Hair Stylist | Curly Hair Specialist
Surreal You Hair Design
538 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

Shai Amiel
at Capella Salon
12930 Ventura Blvd #216
Studio City, California 91604

Julie Van Brasch Britzman –
@ Rosh Hair Design,
1044 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91106


Shanette Medina
Andee Hoos

Mop Factory Salon
1433 Ogden Street
Denver, CO 80218

Cathy Thompson
Emily Ponce

Advance DevaCurl Stylists
Curl Specialists
Johan Hair Studio
634 HWY 105
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
Facebook Johan Hair Studio


Marie Williams – Curly hair Specialist
Marie Nicoles Studio LLC
15 South Elmwood Avenue
Carneys Point nj. 08069A
lso I work at Greenhills of Hockessin Hockessin,DE19807 856.261.2201


Jennifer Kenny
owner @ The Curl Girl Studio
15241 N. Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, Fl 33618
book online @
instagram: TheCurlGirl




Robin Sjoblom (3x Deva Advanced Stylist)
Capri Salon
4480 South Cobb Drive Suite G
Smyrna, GA 30080


Lauren Kay
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon
8395 E 116th Fishers
Indiana, 46038


Martha Watson
Owner~Deva Inspired Stylist
Aurora Salon LLC
206 South Adams
Mt. Pleasant IA 52641


Cindy McFarland
6540 Outer Loop Suite #2
Louisville, Ky 40228
Red Hairz Salon


Debbi Burns

870 Broadway South

Portland, Maine 04106



Wafaya Abdallah – owner/stylist – Oasis Salon

Terrell Norris

Kelly Swann

825-C Rockville Pike
Rockville, Md. 20852
Instagram @curlyoasis
Twitter @curlyoasis

Diane Bieber
Advance Curly Stylist/Deva Educator
Tagi’s Hair Design
5134 Thunderhill Rd
410-997-8244 salon
410-353-3819 cell

Patrik Alan Simpson
Curl Specialists
Mixed Elements: Salon Spa Boutique
Crofton Princess Center
1166 Route 3 South Gambrills, MD

Dawn Symonds
Owner and Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist
DMS Salon ( an organic salon)
804-A Oella Avenue
Ellicott City, MD

Yasmine Young

Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist
Ase Holistic Hair Studio
2412 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD


Cala Renee Mahoney
Cala Renee Salon, Curly Hair Specialist
Owner/ Curl ,Deva trained, color artist
309 Rantoul ST
Beverly MA 01915

Shan Hair
Shan Casey
673 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02215


Jamie Wallace
Advanced Deva Trained Stylist
DevaCurl Southeast Regional Field Educator
Owner Tickled Pink Salon
2011 Jerry Clower Blvd
Yazoo City, MS 39194


Cassie Rose Carnahan
Curls By Cass @ Loft Studios
7354 Manchester Rd
St. Louis, MO 63143


Carrie Waller

Deva Inspired Curl Stylist

Drew Henry Salon & Gallery

2309 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, MO 63118


Melissa Stites
Anthony’s Hair Inc.
7330 Park Ave.
Allen Park, Mi 48101


Kristy K Wilson: Owner and Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist
Rosie Jablonsky: Owner, Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist and Deva Curl Educator
Uptown Curl
2006 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405


Cindy Cirone Trovato
Deva curl cert. Stylist/Owner
Edwards Hairstyling
14 S Broad ST Woodbury NJ 08096
Phone #: 856-845-2245


Ron Suriano
Deva curl advanced stylist/ owner
Moisture salon
140 Clinton st
Schenectady ny 12305
Online booking

Val Tana
DevaCurl Certified stylist/owner
VaZa Salon
137 Main Street
Ossining NY, 10562
Phone #: (914) 800-9137


Catherine Kimpton
Merlin’s ultimate images
186 Granite stManchester nh
Phone # (603) 644-5755.


Carleen Sanchez Pearle Studios
Hair Cut Color & Design by Carleen Sanchez – Hair Salon in Reno, Nevada
Natural Fashion curl and color specialist.
Pearle Studios,Reno,NV


Scott Musgrave – Founder of Curly Hair Artistry
Curly Hair Artist / MagiCurl Blog Author
214 Nottingham Dr.
Cary, NC 27511

Tricia Zinke
Asheville Hair Design
900 Hendersonville Rd, Ste 103
Asheville, NC 28803

Lynn Draddy
Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist
Riley’s Salon 21
21 Long Shoals Rd
Arden, NC


Jessica Guster
Jessica Guster Hair Design
Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist
Revamp Salon 909 Dover Road Wooster, OH 44618

Evan Minney
Evan Joseph Salon
Columbus Ohio 43201
614 706 4615


Carrie L. Stott

Dezigns by Tonya

Brianne McCoy-Prince
Brianne Prince Salon
Curly hair Specialist
Deva Inspired Stylist
209 S. West St.
Mason, Ohio 45040


Lisa Miller
Locks of Serendipity hair studio
12 Meadow Lane
Grove City, PA 16127

Kelly E. Anker
Kelly Elaine Inc. a curly hair salon and such
12810 Frankstown Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Victoria Nicholas
Kelly Elaine Inc. a curly hair salon and such
12810 Frankstown Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235


Laura J. Schroeder
That Curl Girl
(Located at ME Salon and Day Spa)
116 South Main Street
Simpsonville, SC 29681
@ThatCurlGirl (twitter)


Wendy Wolfe
Curly Hair Specialist Deva Inspired Stylist

1335 E Whitestone Blvd
Bldg O Suite 500-B
Cedar Park, Tx 78613

Laura McGraw
Laura McGraw Hair Studio
2336 N. Texas Ave. Suite 200 rm 2
Pearland, Texas 77581

Adrienne Finholm
Stylist/curly hair specialist
Damron-Fletcher Salon
9801 Anderson Mill Rd Austin, TX 78750


Gerri Curtis & Charlie Curtis 

Planet Curls

6516 N. Main Street
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 861-6444


Rachel K Hoang
Curly Hair Studio.
1850 south 300 west suite D112 Slc, Utah
84115 8019602875.


Lori Lambert Sandshaw
Salon one curl clinic
122 zephyr rd
Williston vt 05495


Yukiko Taylor
917 Capitol Way S
Olympia, WA 98501



Larry Bragg
Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist
712 Salon
712 Lee St E Charleston WV
25301 304-382-0712



Neel Morley
NEEL LOVES CURLS (click link for blog)

357 Brunswick Street (above Quick Brown fox)

Fitzroy Melbourne 3065,VIC .Australia

to book.

Phone 0451 001 433 (text)


Amanda Rickman

Curls by Amanda @ Making Waves Hair Design,
7 Spencer Ave Kirwan, Queensland, 4817. Australia.
07 4773 5366.


Alessandra Carelli Feminella
Studio dos Cachos (Studio for Curls)
Av. Pequeno Príncipe, 502 sala 02 Campeche
Florianópolis – SC – BRAZIL – 88063-000
phone: 55 48 32092254


Additional Artists will be added as they attend training and their passion are taken into consideration for future listings. 

Learning to Care for your Curls – Kim’s Makeover

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Learning to Care for your Curls – Kim’s Makeover

One of my most favorite client transformation was with Kim – and what great proof this is of doing what Curly Hair Artists (CHA) do everyday with clients that come in with hair like this:


As you can see the hair on the left was very dry & frizzy = and the main reason for this was because it was being shampooed a lot and coated with styling products that had silicone in them…any ingredient ending with ‘cone’ are bad guys in the curly hair world. So shampoo and silicones = bad hair = hair that never gets better over time.

Kim’s hair was so coated with silicone that it was repelling water.

What is the solution?

Well you can switch products and wait for the silicones to come off – but I have found that doing it all in one visit is ideal. I do what is called a Detox and is an in-salon treatment of removing product build up and then go in for an intense hydration session to help restore moisture and also sometimes a protein balance. The photo above was Detoxed and had a general Curl Cut on dry hair with scissors and hands alone cut. No brushes or combs allowed in my salon!

Over time Kim came back and my jaw dropped at how well her hair improved – as we selected the Deva line of products to aid in the recovery of her hair and look at how beautiful it came in from her own styling – something I teach every client that sits in my chair to do – so they have a routine of how to work with their hair for the rest of their life! It was obvious she caught on well!

It is wonderful to have a client come in that trusts her hair stylist to do things with her hair that has not been successfully done before.

Taking long hair and going shorter with it is something I specialize in and requires knowledge of hair porosity, curl type and how to combine that all together with product application – and as you can see in the after photo – she loved it!

Over time, Kim is now growing her hair back out and will reveal her new length and hair in a future Facebook Post on “Scott Musgrave Hair” or even here in a blog of updates.


Working with a Curly Hair Artist means that you will get the best care for your wavy, curly and multi Cultural hair. CHA focuses on developing the Inner Artist and while many will use just one brand – some Artists use what it takes to get your hair in the best condition with a variety of brands.

What is most important is the person sitting in our chair and most clients need more experienced Artists to select products and develop a routine unique to each person.

I personally love helping a woman embrace her hair, to learn a routine that will bring out the beauty of their natural hair and in the end – this gives a woman confidence, a feeling of being sexy, as well as, professional – combine that all together and that is truly MagiCurl!

5 Reasons Curly Hair Artistry is a Success!

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5 Reasons Curly Hair Artistry is a Success!

We are excited for the explosive growth of Curly Hair Artistry and wanted to share with you 5 principles that have helped CHA to achieve new levels of impacting the Curly Hair Industry (see if you can find them).

1) Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was started in January of 2013 by myself (Scott Musgrave who is a curly hair artist in Cary, NC).
What got CHA on an official roll was being asked by other stylists on how I was creating my form of curly hair styling and also building my business – as many of these other stylists attended the same training I have attended, but I was stepping out of the box of what I was taught and expanding ideas, creating new ones and forming alliances with some of the best in the industry to collaborate together and share the best of the best of what works for each person. I created a trusting environment of helping each other…something rare in our industry as many keep things close to each other and is very competitive against each other as well. I have proved that can change through building trusting relationships and helping each other.

After a handful of other Artists came on board – and over time – we have grown to close to 100 Artists from very little experience to some of the best that are well known in the Curly Hair communities that are all over the social media circles.


2) The foundation of CHA is that we work with Art, Methods/Techniques and Business of wavy, curly and multi cultural hair. Some are exclusive to one line of products and others use a variety of brands to create their art. What is encouraged is the development of the artist within more so than influenced by any brand – so for now we are non-brand specific and free to use what we love to do to create our art form.
CHA artists work with and test out many lines of hair color, products, brands and develop their own unique way of methods and techniques to share with each other at 2 events that we collaborate on each year (with more to come).
Product manufactures contact Artists to test out and give feed back to those that meet and exceed out expectations enjoy an honest good ole fashion collaboration so that both parties benefit to form a larger community to serve each other. I can’t imagine a better place than our own community for feedback of what works or what can be improved on than Curly Hair Artistry.

While we do collaborate with many and most of the successful Artists in the curly hair world – some do choose to remain outside CHA and do their own thing – and this is great for each party that chooses to pursue their own dreams and while we have learned some hard lessons – we will do our best to keep positive relationships going for the future of everyones well deserved success.

3) And yet we also recommend the Deva Academy for helping stylist get a great understanding of how to work with curly hair. It is important to point people in the right direction and CHA is helping other methods of working with curly hair that are excellent by referring stylist to the best of the best in our industry.

There are some Artists that work with other brands that are instructors learning more about curly hair in CHA to help educate others from what they learn with us. There is even a Raw Curls academy forming to help teach their model of working with curls.
So as you can see it is an honor and a privilege to be apart of a movement that sets high expectations and standards for connecting and establishing quality relationships with other leaders in our industry. Competition can be good to some extent but when it gets harsh – it can spread some bad Karma out – and CHA will not have anything to do with that.

4) CHA is also very active in many emails, messages and conversations with some of the leaders of well know brands and other artists – of whom we do our best to build bridges and alliances with to improve the over all curly hair industry.
I personally remain quiet in many interactions and do not seek out fame or ‘press’ for the sake of building up my pride – as CHA is influencing change in our industry whether we get recognized or not – it is great to be a back seat spectator and allow others some well deserved spot light so that everyone can get due attention. It has always been a goal of mine to increase exposure of other Artists work – and when it happens – and it is increasing – we all benefit from growth….and it is great to help others to achieve that.

Some future hair stylist that are in Cosmetology school contact me with hopes and dreams of being a Curly Hair Artist and specialize in working with curly hair.

Traditional hair stylists contact CHA with excitement in learning about how to work with curly hair based on our methods and to not be driven with brand based marketing – just pure experience in helping them better understand their curly hair clients that sit in their chair once in a while.

5) Finally, as CHA moves forth and inspires direct or indirect change in our industry it is great to be with so many people that care and love what they do – as without vision people can fail and not succeed – but with vision we can move mountains!

I am honored to be connected to so many great people to accomplish a better vision for the most important person we all appreciate…the clients that sit in our chairs.

People all over the world are excited for CHA helping to spread the word of how to work with curly hair and look forward to the day they can actually get excited for getting their hair done vs dreading another appointment and leaving a salon with wet hair after being combed out and treated unkindly for being born with hair that our industry hardly acknowledges and misinforms people with how to work with.

CHA will always be moving forward with a new vision to impact People of Curl all over the globe and I really look forward to seeing who all is in for the ride!

Scott Musgrave
Curly Hair Artistry founder
MagiCurl Author and Blogger
Strategic Vision Planning


Raw Curls – Fusion Blending with Mop Top & CHA Artists

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Raw Curls – Fusion Blending with Mop Top & CHA Artists

Curly Hair Artistry has been exploring different ways to use the new Raw Curls products. And to help out with teaching on this I have asked a few people to contribute their experience.

Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) Artist Kelly Ellaine Inc. has an in-depth review if you click on her name it will take you right to it.
Kelly is a Teacher with CHA and has shared her experience at a recent CHA Intensive in May of 2014 and her passion, excitement and wonderful sense of humor won us over and if you are in the Pittsburgh PA area – check her salon out.

Our First photo is CHA Artist Kristy Wilson of Uptown Curl Salon and has beautiful hair and used the whole line as a system – cleanser, conditioner and gel. Kristy prefers her hair to look soft and full and with what CHA calls ‘Functional Frizz’ – or what I call “Good Frizz” that helps to push formations out for fullness. If her curls were weighed down and flat – it just would not be the ‘true’ Kristy – Check out her curls! Kristy is opening her new Curly Hair salon in a couple weeks and you need to make sure you stay up with her news feed for who she has as a guest with her Grand Opening!

Next up is a tip from Curly Hair Artistry Teacher Ron Suriano – click on his name for some of his beautiful work in the Up State NY region – Here is a tip he came up with in working his form of Artistry: “I went to use the Pomade made from the Raw Curl line and noticed as I put my fingers in the tub the product was very waxy and hard…not very spreadable. So I decided to add a few pumps of the Raw Curl Anti Frizz Spray into my palm where I placed a small amount of the pomade and blended together. The results were what I was looking for, the Pomade softened up and made the product spreadable”. (I have used this myself and for the Humidity here in NC – it worked really well).


It is always exciting to be apart of a NEW launch of a product line – and to find something that is Organic and Natural is a good find. I love to use this more so with Fusion Blending and will share more over time with how CHA uses these and other brands we love soon.

Keep an eye out for the new Curly Hair Artistry web site coming soon – this will have a lot of professionally based information that is impacting the globe with CHA Artists taking knowledge to new levels in the Curly Hair Industry.
This new web site will be live very soon.

My client Tanya (her homemade Flax Seed Gel is to die for!) – used the Raw Curls Conditioner – and applied Mop Top Curly Hair Custard as a Sealer for some great looking hair!
Her Multi Cultural hair is colored and highlighted and can be thirsty at times. She LOVES the Raw Curls Conditioner and has also been using Mop Top Deep Conditioner.


Finally, the bottom photo is CHA Artist Beverly of Hello Curls with her own hair looking great! This is a great find for her with having a studio set up and private room with high quality products that are environmentally safe and is one of our most experienced CHA Artists with having years of wisdom packed into her scissors.

Raw Curls – product launch is a success!

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Raw Curls – product launch is a success!

Scott Musgrave Hair and Curly Hair Artistry has been in a great position to be the first to test out a new line of NATURAL and ORGANIC products called Raw Curls.


One of the great things about Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) is that it is non product specific and does not take any form of advertising. So we can test it out and provide feedback and see if a manufacture will actually listen to professional hair stylist that specialize in Curly Hair as an Art From. Well…Raw Curls has LISTENED.

While no product line is ‘perfect’ we really do like many of the benefits that Raw Curls delivers. It can be used as a complete system as is or works great with other brands in what CHA calls Fusion Blending (taking 2 lines and mixing or layering them to make something new that each line does not have).

Creator Melanie Nickels has the following products to offer (with more to come soon)…

The Cleanser: is low in lather and rinses out fast – but has some suds that linger and really need to focus on hard to reach spots – as a ‘lathering sound’ can be heard if not rinsed out properly – like any other Sulphate Free Cleanser this is not just for this one as I have to rinse out Jessicurl’s Gentle Lather as well including Deva’s Low Poo. I find this cleanser good for ‘oily’ types and like it as an Alternative to other cleansers. I may not say this will replace other cleansers – but it is a great alternative. I have many that buy 2 bottle of Gentle Cleanser from JC or Deva – and this is less than JC but priced more than Deva – and while not meant to compete price wise – we do have clients looking for price options. I do get people wanting to support organic and natural and the ingredients in Raw Curls do qualify for satisfying that client. Ingredients are listed on bottle and can be discussed at another time as this is a review of more of my experience with it. Very light scent and smells refreshing actually and is highly recommended.

The Conditioner: This is one that can be used by most any hair type. It is rich and has wonderful slip – it melts in the hair easily and I use Melissa’s Squish to Condish method with this as I find it needs a LOT of water to work even better. This is in a 16 oz bottle and has a pump with it and works well but overall I am not a fan of pumps of any kind on 16oz or less bottles – just a pain to use. I would prefer a squeeze cap personally as I find the pump on any bottle to be annoying in getting the correct amount out pump after pump – but his is not as important as the product that is in it – it is one of the best that I have used in a long time. This will be a great seller and retails for $30 in the 16 oz size. Again – the target audience is organic and natural along with seeing the benefit of a larger bottle and requires less amount wise than others to do the same job. Nice light scent – very light and I appreciate that. Only essential oils are used and NO fragrance. HIGHLY recommended!

Anti Frizz Spray – I tried this late in the test period and wished I started with it, as it is SO unique – it really helps hold down the frizz on humid days. It is soft and I apply it in spray form all over and use The MAP to apply my products. I tried this on dry hair as well to reactivate and to refresh my hair and it did very nice. I apply this on wet hair then apply my other products on top and wow – nice frizz control. Is it perfect? Well, nothing is yet in my book – but this is one possibility to work with in helping control frizz that is very light and no sticky residue or feel to it – this is great stuff and it also is highly recommended and will be discussed at greater length in future blogs on using this unique product in ways to help with your Summer and Winter Routine.

Gel – I have to use a lot to really make this work. This is light to medium hold and comes in a 16oz bottle. I would Fusion Blend for stronger hold but the majority of this line is for light to medium hold with it being for wavy to coils (2b-3b) and can work on high or low porosity hair types. The hold reminds me of JC but not as strong as Deva’s gels – but the quality of the ingredients, being allergy free and sensitive to gluten is wonderful. This MELTS into the hair and I find is used even better on hair that has less water in it, so I do a bit of a Fabric Scrunch before applying it to reduce water in my hair. Some gels you have to use a lot of and this to me is one where you have to be heavy handed with it to really work. Since writing this article – Multi Cultural’s 3c and above have enjoyed this gel.

Mousse – this is cool stuff – reminds me of Deva’s Frizz Free Volumizing Foam – as there is nothing else around like it – so it is not a comparison but I have to say it reminds me of the Deva foam. It is different in the ingredient list and has a clean feel to it. Seems when I use ANY foam based product I get product flakes and I do with this one as well – but way less. I Fusion Blended this with JC Spiralicious Gel and got wonderful results and flaking was almost nil. This foam feels lighter when I cream it between my hands (I hardly ever apply it as a foam – I always cream it by rubbing my hands together and then apply it) and this feels less conditioning then the Deva Foam – and this means to me that it is lighter. This has a lighter ‘crunch’ when dry to it than the Deva foam – but I feel the ‘Frizz Free’ part of the Deva foam works better in humidify – but then again you have the Anti Frizz Spray to apply first and then the Raw Curls Foam to combine it if you need to. I think this is good thinking here…as not everyone needs the ‘Frizz Free’ ingredients in the Deva Foam (especially in dry environments) and what you may need in dry environments is more of a humectant and Aloe is a dominating ingredient for many of the Raw Curls line.

Serum – well ya all know I love Jessicurl’s Oil Blend and still do. The Raw Curls line has great organic essential oil and one of the oils has a ‘celery’ smell to it that is noticeable – and yet, I have gotten used to it. You can apply this oil on dry skin, scars or other spots for healing – and I use it just like I do with Oil Blend on wet hair or dry to seal it up after a cut and get great results with this – but I feel the ‘celery’ smell will deter many from buying it? With giving my test clients a smell test – they ALL preferred JC Oil Blend on a blind (well, they covered their eyes and I put in on my fingers to be smelled) test. Raw Curls is working on adding new Essential Oils to come up with a better aroma – again…good listening on their part from feedback in the CHA community.

So, I was using this and the over all effect of the products again are light to medium hold – and I would get somewhat puffy and halo-ish by the end of the day giving me fullness – and this is great if you want that effect. Then I discovered the Anti Frizz Spray and my wife said that my hair looks great! The Serum helps to seal it up as well for longer lasting frizz control.

For me, I will carry this line and appeal to the natural and organic ingredient sensitive person who prefers organics and who knows…maybe even convert many over to this as it is of value because of the larger sizes.
But the main thing in a line is that it has to deliver. And this does deliver – but you have to tweak it to make it work. There is a learning curve with this line as any other line, and what makes this unique again are the ingredients being organic and natural – and this is very important to many people as I have learned from asking many clients if this is of interest to them – and it is to many out there – and I can confidently recommend the Raw Curls products. The learning curve for this line is quick and easy to transition to Raw Curls.

I will continue to experiment with them. They work GREAT with Fusion Blending and this is a huge thing for many CHA Artists – as we can layer or combine brands to offer our clients the best in Options & Possibilities for their unique hair type.

While many are used to Deva – the Raw Curls line is lighter and if you have some saying Deva is too heavy or do not like the smell or have reactions from any products ingredients listing – then we had Jessicurl as an option – now I can offer Raw Curls as an option.

Raw Curls are free of GMO – not animal tested – have NO wheat products and are free of silicones.

Contact Raw Curls at – 239.322.7896 or email at –

Raw Curls will be traveling and putting on Raw Curls Certification classes in 2014-15 so if you are a stylist and desire more training contact Ken above with his email or call their office # that is listed.

Here I am with Raw Curls that had hold all day long on a rainy day with maximum humidity.


Fix Your Hair – Really?

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Fix your hair – really?

What you are born with for waves, curls & multi cultural combination hair is not damaged…maybe a bit thirsty and dry but that is actually normal for us People of Curl.

When you go to a traditional stylist and they are used to someone with frizz say, “I hate my hair – fix it” and the stylist will have a plethora of certificates on their wall including extensions, perms, color, Brazilian straighteners and some others – all designed to ‘fix’ your hair.

What is missing from the wall of certificates is one for ‘Embracing’ hair and a set of skills, knowledge and passion for learning how to take someone from ‘hating’ their hair to ‘embracing’ their hair.

I have found that most people with curls want only two things – and I have learned this by asking most people who have straightened their hair – I ask, “Why do you straighten or flat iron your hair?” and they say, “Because it is frizzy and I do not know how to handle it as I bought everything to use on it and nothing works.” Then I ask, “What if it would not be frizzy, would you wear it curly?” then they reply with, “No, as it is nothing but a triangle and it gets wide and huge….and frizzy.” So, I finish with, “What if your hair was cut not with traditional layer techniques that make it wide, bulky and clumpy – but what if your hair were to grow out going downward vs sideways…and not frizzy, would you wear it like that?” And that is the key – to not have frizz and to not grow out wide like a bell shape or Christmas tree….so, the answer I get all the time is, “Yes! But no one has ever done that or taught me.”

And that is where Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) comes in – as each of the members of CHA have embraced a passion that goes along with their certificates that differentiates them from the rest of the industry to help you embrace your curls. Many CHA Artists have even taken down their other certificates and focus on color and all forms of curls in helping you embrace your curls only. You can go ANYWHERE to get your hair ‘fixed’ but only select Artists focus on the Power of Embracement.

Wavy, Curly & Multi Cultural hair dominates the world – and the Salon Industry wants to profit from you with flat irons, chemical dependence on straightening & products to coat your hair with heavy oils and silly’cones – all of what you do not need and can learn to embrace your hair from a CHA Artist.

Learning that most services to ‘fix’ curly hair has over time created frustration, loss of a lot of money and lowing of your self esteem at wondering why this did not work.

So, my Curl Friend – your hair is not broken - all it simply needs is the proper care and attention that it deserves and locating a CHA Artist is easy if you are in the area of one – look them up on the future website that is being created.

CHA Artist Krista Leavitt has a website that has our current listing at (copy and paste as I am having hard time pasting link) that has many Artists listed who have done some CHA training or others that are passionate stylists in other methods of working with curls that show a level of Artistry in their work to be respected. Many CHA Artists attend an elite level of training that focuses on a variety of hair types, methods and techniques & professional products that is not being done anywhere else.

Embrace your hair can easily become a way of life – as the rest of the gimmicks are false solutions – and finding acceptance within is having peace with how you are born and that is MagiCurl.