Prices, How to Contact & Curl Type

IMG_2807Cash or checks only! Photo is of curls I mostly work with – please note: Credit Cards are not accepted. Prices are subject to change without notice.
I require your hair to be dry, tangle free and ready for your curl cut. I cut each curl separately on dry hair without a comb, brush, flat iron or towel, so your first 2 hour service is all about you and your curls along with a unique product training session that you do yourself with my guidance. This is FINALLY a way to learn how to manage and style your own hair! I want you to know how to do everything at home so you get a sheet with the sequence and amounts of products used.Please contact me (email with photos of back and sides of your curly hair) with what products you use, how long your hair is (I work with medium to long hair – no short hair at this time) and if you can email me photos of the back and side of your head with dry curls. Include your name/phone number & products that you are currently using and I will contact you as soon as I can – the price for first time 2 hour service is $200 – 250. (Please plan for 2 hours) Price is determined by length and thickness along with wave/curl type. I cut with a Cubist Curl cutting technique that takes years to master and uses NO combs – with only my hands and a pair of scissors – and is unique for each wavy/curly client. It is the best way to cut curls! Once you learn The MAP Method and return for a repeat cut it takes 30 minutes and is $100 with most coming in 2-3 times a year. I only take cash and check as the Credit Card fee’s are crazy high.
This link works for most who click on it but if not – do a search or please visit to see your curl type by number and include this in our phone consultation (or your email to me from the contact section) that I do with every first time curl client.
A first time visit is 2 hours and covers my own method of cutting all forms of curly hair that I call Cubist Curl Cut. Please read the first tab WHAT TO EXPECT for more info. Also, I help you develop a routine to help you achieve manageable curls, guiding you through The MAP Product Application Process and everything is written down (like a recipe to follow) for you to duplicate this at home – also email support follow up if needed – $200 – 250 cash or check only – no credit cards accepted. For REPEAT CLIENTS – you may just want my Cubist Curl by Curl Cut and not the whole first time service experience that is required for first time clients. So, this option is available with me after your first visit with me. Please come in with your curls as if you are going out on a date and you want to show off your curls to the world with no tangles. Your Custom Curl Cut will do even better based on what I taught you from your first visit combined with what you have done to make it your own. This is a Dry Cut only with no cleanse, hydration & styling. Investment is $100-125 for returning client. If you would like to do another full service, try new products or refine your routine it will be $150+ and this will include the Cubist Curl Cut, Cleanse, Hydration, Fill & Seal product application.
I no longer do any hair color and am not taking in any new clients wanting hair color at this time. I recommend doing a search for a Goldwell Colorist, as I have found that this hair color is great to work with curly hair. Once you find a Goldwell colorist you can return to me for the cut only 2-3 times a year. I recommend that you take your products with you and that the colorists use them to keep your hair in great shape – yes, one shampoo will be noticed on your hair and take a few sessions to return to the feel you get used to.
My Service is designed for women only and I no longer work on children under the age of 13. Why? My service requires maturity and a desire to work with your hair. I do have some mature 10-12 year olds so there are exceptions. I do recommend my online course Cultivate Your Curls to help you and your child at home to embrace their hair – it works! What will help is to do a search on the MagiCurl blog for “Kids with Curly Hair” and read this first before setting up an appointment at another salon and read the book Curly Girl The Handbook by Lorraine Massey for more help with working on your child’s hair.
$18 – $28 ~ thank you for supporting your local stylist by purchasing products directly from me. I do not recommend products unless you have taken my online course Cultivate Your Curls. Just email me ahead of time of what you are looking for and I will send you the price amount and have them ready for you to pick up. I do not use the same sequence of products on everyone and I can come up with a unique combinations for your curl & hair type.
I also recommend you to make your own products and have a recipe for Flax Seed Gel at that works very nice on ringlets!
Most of my clients are 2b wavy to 3c curly – if you have 4a – 4c curly hair I recommend coming in with your curls set with your own products or come in with a twist out so that your curls are set in a pattern of consistency. My goal for all clients is to come in with hair set by their own products that I recommend and curls tangle free and looking good based on The MAP Method I have taught you or from what you know best about your own hair – I have learned that what most people want is the cut only and they come in once or maybe twice a year. I do not cleanse, detangle, condition, set under dryer for an hour – so my service is $100-150 for cut only on clean tangle free with your products in and curls looking good based on your own styling – and this works very good for my clients that want this for a service. Please include a photo of your curls when contacting me.
Boot Camp is for those of you who have no guidance in working with your hair. I now recommend you purchase my online course called Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method (click here). This session is of value for those that do not need a cut at this time or have to wait to grow out straight hair cutting methods that overly layer your hair and leave me no room to add shape and design. So if you have to wait to get a cut – the next best thing is to come in and do an hour and fifteen minute Boot Camp Session where I teach you all about your hair, develop a routine for your curls and I actually have you do this in my chair with my guidance (again – this session is no longer available but keep it here as a reference to what is possible and recommend my online course). Products are sold separately. Cultivate Your Curls is $97 and has helped many people to get rid of frizz, halo and hovering hair that pop out and about making for frustration. This even makes growing out your hair look better. After this session many come back for a cut only (see ‘Return Visit’) as you finally know how to make your hair look beautiful and your hair can actually comes back in better condition and it improves over time because of the care I teach you to do.