5 Reasons Curly Hair Artistry is a Success!

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We are excited for the explosive growth of Curly Hair Artistry and wanted to share with you 5 principles that have helped CHA to achieve new levels of impacting the Curly Hair Industry (see if you can find them).

1) Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was started in January of 2013 by myself (Scott Musgrave who is a curly hair artist in Cary, NC).
What got CHA on an official roll was being asked by other stylists on how I was creating my form of curly hair styling and also building my business – as many of these other stylists attended the same training I have attended, but I was stepping out of the box of what I was taught and expanding ideas, creating new ones and forming alliances with some of the best in the industry to collaborate together and share the best of the best of what works for each person. I created a trusting environment of helping each other…something rare in our industry as many keep things close to each other and is very competitive against each other as well. I have proved that can change through building trusting relationships and helping each other.

After a handful of other Artists came on board – and over time – we have grown to close to 100 Artists from very little experience to some of the best that are well known in the Curly Hair communities that are all over the social media circles.


2) The foundation of CHA is that we work with Art, Methods/Techniques and Business of wavy, curly and multi cultural hair. Some are exclusive to one line of products and others use a variety of brands to create their art. What is encouraged is the development of the artist within more so than influenced by any brand – so for now we are non-brand specific and free to use what we love to do to create our art form.
CHA artists work with and test out many lines of hair color, products, brands and develop their own unique way of methods and techniques to share with each other at 2 events that we collaborate on each year (with more to come).
Product manufactures contact Artists to test out and give feed back to those that meet and exceed out expectations enjoy an honest good ole fashion collaboration so that both parties benefit to form a larger community to serve each other. I can’t imagine a better place than our own community for feedback of what works or what can be improved on than Curly Hair Artistry.

While we do collaborate with many and most of the successful Artists in the curly hair world – some do choose to remain outside CHA and do their own thing – and this is great for each party that chooses to pursue their own dreams and while we have learned some hard lessons – we will do our best to keep positive relationships going for the future of everyones well deserved success.

3) And yet we also recommend the Deva Academy for helping stylist get a great understanding of how to work with curly hair. It is important to point people in the right direction and CHA is helping other methods of working with curly hair that are excellent by referring stylist to the best of the best in our industry.

There are some Artists that work with other brands that are instructors learning more about curly hair in CHA to help educate others from what they learn with us. There is even a Raw Curls academy forming to help teach their model of working with curls.
So as you can see it is an honor and a privilege to be apart of a movement that sets high expectations and standards for connecting and establishing quality relationships with other leaders in our industry. Competition can be good to some extent but when it gets harsh – it can spread some bad Karma out – and CHA will not have anything to do with that.

4) CHA is also very active in many emails, messages and conversations with some of the leaders of well know brands and other artists – of whom we do our best to build bridges and alliances with to improve the over all curly hair industry.
I personally remain quiet in many interactions and do not seek out fame or ‘press’ for the sake of building up my pride – as CHA is influencing change in our industry whether we get recognized or not – it is great to be a back seat spectator and allow others some well deserved spot light so that everyone can get due attention. It has always been a goal of mine to increase exposure of other Artists work – and when it happens – and it is increasing – we all benefit from growth….and it is great to help others to achieve that.

Some future hair stylist that are in Cosmetology school contact me with hopes and dreams of being a Curly Hair Artist and specialize in working with curly hair.

Traditional hair stylists contact CHA with excitement in learning about how to work with curly hair based on our methods and to not be driven with brand based marketing – just pure experience in helping them better understand their curly hair clients that sit in their chair once in a while.

5) Finally, as CHA moves forth and inspires direct or indirect change in our industry it is great to be with so many people that care and love what they do – as without vision people can fail and not succeed – but with vision we can move mountains!

I am honored to be connected to so many great people to accomplish a better vision for the most important person we all appreciate…the clients that sit in our chairs.

People all over the world are excited for CHA helping to spread the word of how to work with curly hair and look forward to the day they can actually get excited for getting their hair done vs dreading another appointment and leaving a salon with wet hair after being combed out and treated unkindly for being born with hair that our industry hardly acknowledges and misinforms people with how to work with.

CHA will always be moving forward with a new vision to impact People of Curl all over the globe and I really look forward to seeing who all is in for the ride!

Scott Musgrave
Curly Hair Artistry founder
MagiCurl Author and Blogger
Strategic Vision Planning