Creating a CURLYS Environment.

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Many years ago I came up with an acronym to help me create an environment for my clients and one I had to embrace myself in learning to develop a Service Experience and I thought I would share this with you in the confidence that it just may encourage you in your own journey.

The Acronym is based on the word CURLYS and it is described as:

C = creative freedom – to create without restriction – to drop any form of industry or brand based vision and to reach deep into my soul to uncover my Personal Vision and have the freedom to express it without fear or judgment. Becoming vulnerable to express my creativity is a sign of maturity in being able to take a risk and one of the steps of leaving my legacy. This is a healthy form of expressing your maturity that must be nurtured as the world can be against it with its immaturity.

U = understanding – to be understood and to host an environment of vulnerability for my vision without shame that creates trust to have others feel a sense of being ‘understood’. The heart is a wellspring of creativity and it takes a person of understanding to draw out this in others. We need more people that are capable of understanding others without judgement or tainted inner eyes of fear that keep them and their tribe restricted within their own self perceived limitations and struggles. If you are struggling or perishing – take a look first at your own heart before placing blame on the heart of others. Self Understanding comes first in the process of maturity in your vision.

R = relational – to build bridges with others to form a community of common interests and to be confident enough to let the critics have no authority to speak into your vision and release those that try to and allow yourself to burn bridges of those that bully you or manipulate with meanness. If a critic shames your vulnerability you should have a tribe that encourages and supports you to over-ride the shame that a critic uses in their efforts to burn bridges. Do not be alone in this journey – have a tribe. This form of unhealthy behavior performs from jealousy, fear and immaturity and doesn’t need to be taken personally as you move from the opposite characteristics of love, confidence and this develops maturity.

L = listening – I learn the MOST from listening to my colleagues and my clients. Many (in my case) Hair Stylists will form a perceived perception of expertness and authority and many are experts in their ways – but when you have a client come in with sensitivities, allergies, issues with hormones or thyroid, being mis-treated and mis-informed from traditional services – we MUST LISTEN with a new level of intention and create a new Service Experience that INFORMS and TREATS our clients based on their needs and wants – not what we assume they need based on the frustrations that our own industry creates and continues the frustration in a cycle of confusion with procedures to FIX your hair – of what the NEW Service Experience teaches you to EMBRACE your hair.

Y = yourself – so many people have put a part of the Essence and Design of who they are on the shelf of life from the bullies of life and form a false self to display to the world so that they will not get hurt again – and this False Self can take you over to create a persona of protection more so than vulnerabiltiy. I choose to be myself and create an environment of authenticity that can make others feel uncomfortable at first, but over time become used to it and appreciate it and even embrace it to the point where you invite that part of your Essence that you shelved and embrace it once again and live life as you are designed to be with authenticity.

S = sense of humor – I have the best time with my colleagues and clients with curls as we have been through a life that is much different than those with straight hair. Growing up with not knowing how to work with our hair, getting all sorts of comments and looks, having parents that do not know how to work with our hair, trying out a million products that don’t work, getting cuts that make our hair look like we have been hit with electricity – this produces a way of looking at life with a bit of grace and humor that those with str8 hair just do not know about. And to connect with this in others is fun and brings me comfort to be able to sense it in others and smile together over stories that eventually bring a form of healing and transformation (for both of us) as you sit in my studio.

These guiding principles have impacted my life and business to reach new levels of leadership and trust that make for a fun, passionate, caring way of life that is MagiCurl.

I look forward to your comments below this blog – share your CURLYS story with us or what principles you can take on to embrace more of who you are.