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A Day In The Life of a Curl.

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I was stretched to my limits today.

I don’t mind being different once in awhile – but to be pulled out of my comfort zone so much is not making me happy. If this continues I will start to fall apart and it will show. I dont want to fall apart as it makes me look stressed out.

Today, I was so thirsty. I look like a prune and all I get is a coating of oil and its not even Summer time. Speaking of Summer time, I don’t tan….I just lighten up. I do like going into the ocean as it is like a detox that removes all of the stuff that coats me and I get to reveal my authentic self.

Water and environment impact my mood.

I like to express myself occasionally – and I can get bigger but for some reason when I go BIG I end up getting compressed and this stresses me out.
The only time I like to be compressed is when I am in a bath of hydration.

If I am over hydrated I get puffy.

If I am under hydrated I feel dry and I can tell you that I look it too.

Oh yes – YOU can touch me more often – I am a ‘crown of splendor’ and NEED to be touched more than you think – its my love language.

When I am caressed with ingredients that coat me…its like wearing lipstick – its a cosmetic look.
When I am caressed with ingredients that melt into me….its like fresh nutrients being absorbed into my body – its a healthy look as I radiate and glow with shine & health. Over time, I can even look better with less.

They are breathtaking, whimsical, sophisticated, and stunning.

I am getting blinded by your computer screen doing so much damage – that in the long run – does not do anything of the energy you are putting into this.

Your spending too much money on me – what you need is a method to care for me instead of another product.

I think that it is a great idea to create rituals for certain aspects of your process.

Your eyes are deceiving you. What will this unrealistic sense of perfection give you? Reality is learning to listen deeper to what I want you to hear – not what your past is trying to say to you – or from what you find attractive in the making of an Instagram photo. People take 100 shots to get 1 to display to the world. Those 99 are more of what you are then the 1 you want others to think of you.

The nerves that are attached to your brain are feeding me – what your thinking is affecting me.

Don’t let what you see dictate your value, esteem or dignity of who you are – this comes from inside….not outside. What this is called is confidence and you can have it first to radiate beauty more so than what I am doing on the outside.

I don’t like being combed down wet and cut in a straight line. That is technical perfection for what is happening straight. When I am dry, those straight hair layering techniques produce bulky clumps. You need to find an Artist that is capable of cutting me with technical imperfection that creates a variety of different lengths to be visually balanced – and I will be happy. When I am happy I flow and create softness.

Rigidity is not curly. Some think that straight hair is rigid in that it doesn’t want to bend…but this definition is more about curls in that they do not like to be straightened – as it will reveal an appearance of dryness that is vulnerable to humid conditions and reverts back to a weird expression of itself if done so. In a world with straight hair thinking dominates – we as People of Curl have to realize curly hair is rigid in not wanting to be twisted, bent, straightened or deformed by heat and pressure.
Rigidness is inflexible.
To be curly you MUST learn to be flexible.
Rigid vs Flexible.

I have a sense of humor that others with straight hair just do not understand or ‘get’ = as I had to learn to laugh at myself but more so, other people. Loved ones will say things to me that they just do not realize that it can hurt me, but their intentions are somewhat trying to help me…but their guidance is not helpful – so, you kinda laugh at their words over time. This can diffuse the pain. It becomes a perspective that not many people understand.

I have to appreciate the waves next to my curls – dang….I have a few things going on all over my head. One is not better than the other.

I saw another person with curls today. We made eye contact – then curl contact – and then I saw her smile. We have something in common without saying a word. Why cant the world we live in do this more often…even without curls. If it takes a curl to make a connection then I will get the word out that a smile can change a person and spread out from there to our communities all just by having a curl connection.

Learning to Cultivate over time is a process of building my esteem.