Am I Right For You?

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There are around 3 types of Curly Stylist out there:

1) You call and ask, “Do you have anyone there who knows how to cut curly hair”? And you end up with someone WITH curly hair and they usually treat your curls with straight hair cutting techniques, use str8 hair tools and str8 hair prducts on your curls…leaving you with a triangle in 4 weeks, lots of frizz and to go home and ‘deal’ with it. Year after year.

2) There are salons and stylist going out and getting training for how to work with curls and adding their training to the salon menu as another ‘service’ and may treat your curls better and is usually priced a bit more than a standard hair cut. I have found that clients who have experienced this appreciate the attempt to work with their curls, but still is not lasting as long as it should and products used did not ‘work at home’. Some salons and stylists are not dedicated to curly hair…they just want to profit from the many people out there tired of inferrior salon services given to curlies.

3) A Specialist. Someone dedicating their career to working with Curly Hair who has put in time, energy and effort to customize a salon service only for the client with Curls. Continous feedback of what is important to the client, product knowledge, care and follow up communication is offered to take a client with curls out of the str8 hair world and into a ‘Curly Hair Thinking’ world that gives a custom dry curl cut-one curl at a time- that lasts for months or even needing 1-2 cuts/year.

It’s your choice.

I get many calls and emails asking if I work with this curl type or that curl type. I work with curls regardless of skin color or age.

However…I do not work with ALL curl types. If you go to and see a style chart and look on up to 3c. I do not work with level 4 hair. Why? I have no experience, or very little experience with level 4 hair.

I work with waves as well.

I work with my current str8 hair clients and with my background as a TIGI Educator I create new and exciting styles that both str8 and Curly can feel they received a unique service experience for their hair type.

Your natural hair type is beautiful and when you come in for a service we will discuss vision and develop a plan to bring out and enhance your hairs beauty.

Scott Musgrave