Are you wondering if I am taking on new clients?

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My schedule is filling up and you can get in with in a couple of weeks during the work week, and up to 5 weeks for a Saturday time slot. I plan to open up some evening times soon.

I received my first 2 scissor rating (this is like 2 stars, but they use scissors)…(the rest are all 5) and wanted to address this to bring resolution to the issue.
My website was worked on and upgraded a bit and if there was a time of error, it would have been at that time? ALL OF MY EMAILS HAVE BEEN RESPONDED to…(I keep them all) if I do not hear back from you within a few days, I TRY AGAIN (most say “Thanks, I forgot to get back to you, so yes lets us set up that appointment).

My Cell phone has records of all MESSAGES LEFT TO ME were responded to. I do not call back ‘missed calls’ as I feel that is inappropriate if you did not leave me a message TO RETURN YOUR CALL. I do not answer my phone while I am with a client, would you like me to start and stop every 5 minutes? It is not tolerated in my salon, as all focus is on my client for the best Service Experience possible.

This is of a high value for me to return calls and emails. I am prompt and treat all inquires with a fast response most of the time…even here with Facebook Messages, posts, emails, phone calls, texting and whatever else is possible – I am on top of making connections.

I wonder why this reviewer gave me 2 scissors…why not zero…as it makes me believe that contact was made, but no resolution was completed?

So, to make up for this, I would like to extend a FREE SERVICE to Mish_Shell and ANY PRODUCT of your choice…as a way of saying “GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE” as I am taking new clients and have somehow missed you…I am also human and technology may interfere with making a valid connection, but technology will not get in the way with how I care for my clients or potential clients. So I am here for you. Just let me know…
Thank you.

Here is review that is seen on naturally curly . com….

Rating: 2 scissors

I guess this guy doesn’t take new clients? He does not respond to appt requests via email from his site or his number.
Reviewed by Mish_Shell (Curly Twirly – 3a) on Jan 24, 2013