Brianne’s Flax Seed Gel Recipe

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I have a passion for Flax Seed Gel (FSG) as I think it relates to my passion for cooking, a love for recipes that can be modified and the feel that it gives you once it is dry, as it is addictive to the touch for many that make this.

I look at FSG as something like Ramen – a style of soup (click that for link to see Ramen) that is in a bowl filled with yummy options to make a meal – and when you learn about it in Japan there are different Ramen’s based on each region of Japan – they make it based on ingredients and cultural preferences.

I look at FSG in the same way.

It has been around for a long time and it is earthy and delicious for your hair!

You can modify it to your own individuality and get a sense of satisfaction of making your own product that is safe for your hair.

I have clients that are just as enthusiastic about Flax Seed Gel as I am. They will brew up a batch just for me when they come in for an appointment – hand me their creation and I am in heaven! I go to the staff break room and put it in the fridge – as this is something with a 3 week (or so) shelf life and must be refrigerated – so you have to remember to take it out of the fridge when you work with your hair.

I have listened to stories of women wrapped in a towel making a mad dash to the fridge to get their FSG with wet dripping hair if they forget it – family members realize to get out of the way when that ‘look’ is on their face.
I hear stories from their husbands as well, when they have learned to listen for their wives voices…at the other end of the house…in another room…with the door closed – they have been trained to hear that faint voice of , “Will you get my FSG out of the fridge please!” – and that is not a question – it is a statement!
And if ‘Male Vision’ doesn’t kick in…we get it for you if we can find it – if not, then the made dash wrapped in a towel happens with that ‘look’ on their face that is of an Olympic Athlete that has trained their whole life to achieve a lifelong goal.

What makes FSG that good?

It works!
And it is so inexpensive to make and the results for the effort are about guaranteed to make you happy.
AND it is super easy to make.

If you don’t like to cook – then pass on this article and go to your stylist and get their recommendation for what is best for your hair – as I get that a lot in my day to day work and we stylists will hook you up, but there is nothing out there like FSG.

But for those of you that are willing to try this out – there are a ton of videos and blogs online for making this and I wanted to share with you a wonderful recipe from my Curly Hair Artistry friend Brianne Prince who is a wonderful stylist that specializes in curly hair. She showed us this photo of her hair with the FSG she made and it is so pretty that I asked her for the recipe and if I could write it up for you all to try out – she said “YES” and here it is in her own words:

Hi Scott- here’s the recipe!
I used 3/4 cup of flax seeds to 2 cups water and bring to boil.
Stir continuously.
Continue to stir until white froth forms on the top and take off heat. I immediately put the mixture through a metal sieve atop a bowl to strain the gel out.
I then took the back of the spoon and mashed the flaxseeds down into the sieve until all the gel came out.

Next, I put my gel into a container (I used a mason jar but you could use anything you can stir in, or a color applicator bottle works GREAT). Next I added 2 heaping tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, 4 drops castor oil, 4 drops vitamin E oil, 4 drops macadamia nut oil, and you can put in whatever essential oils suit your taste. I used organic vanilla and grapefruit oils with just a touch of lavender, about 8 drops total. Stir, shake and enjoy!
Just don’t forget it in the tub!! When refrigerated it is one solid clump like flubber, I just scoop it out and warm in my hands, finger comb through, and add water to scrunch. Then I blotted, waited about 15 minutes and applied it a second time by scrunching only. This made it a pretty strong hold- but you could certainly skip the second application of you wanted a softer hold.


I have learned that some will try ground flax seeds and you don’t want that – you must use WHOLE Flax Seeds – and many prefer organic gold flax seeds. The seeds will stay whole and extract a thickening agent as they boil in the water – it happens pretty fast – and it is this thickening agent that is used to make the gel with. There is no smell to it, so you can add any essential oil to it for aroma therapy and just to enjoy for yourself – or make it fragrance free if you want.

You can modify this to make it what ever you want – that is the fun of this (much like Ramen). You can even soak the seeds over night in the fridge in a sieve and strain it in the morning and use that if you want – there are so many options that I am collecting to make a future resource for you one day soon.

I personally love Lemongrass Oil and will use that when I make it up for myself.

If you have a recipe you would like to share with us – send it to me for a future article.

If you are in Ohio – then check out Brianne and her form of Artistry here:

Brianne Prince Salon
209 S. West St.
Mason, Oh 4540

FSG is wonderful, easy to make and fun to use…it is MagiCurl!