Confidence to Wear Your Hair Nude!

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Confidence to wear your hair Nude!

As a hair stylists that specializes in all forms of wavy, curly & coils I have shared some ideas with my fellow Curly Hair Artistry Members at the recent Spring Symposium and wanted to share these ideas with you as well.

Working with People of Curl reveals the confidence level of my clients in asking what is important for them about their hair. And when you come in for a first time visit you just want to learn about your hair and experience a cut and product session to help you embrace your hair for the first time in your life.

After a couple/few visits some clients start asking about what other options are possible to achieve with their hair – for fun or for a party or wedding or just at the beach.

Many clients start to express their hair in stages that I have defined in the following areas to help explain the process that is required to achieve the looks.

In its natural state – Natural Nude – with no products in it – this is the essence of your hair. I go swimming at the pool, come out and air dry in the sun and my hair floats around like a dude from Woodstock – all natural and I don’t care. Why? My confidence is not in my hair, but in who I am.
It took awhile to achieve this confidence. Come on now…its at the pool!
I do this at the ocean as well – relax as I am! Everyone else has Beach Hair as well – and it kinda looks odd if your walking around with high styled hair that is not moving with the earths energy as the ocean breeze is flowing and your hair is staying firmly put.
Natural Nude hair is either healthy or harmed by your current personal routine – as will be explained in a bit.

Natural Hydrated – leaving in products that hydrated the hair to reduce dryness and leaves hair softer but with no hold and your hair moves with freedom but expands to the point where it can frizz.
Sometimes I like to just leave in some conditioner or deep conditioner and let my hair be. It dries and feels soft as I work out, garden or run errands – and later on I may go in the steam room at the YMCA and let the product do its job in the heated steam and then take a shower rinsing out the deep conditioner and then I apply stylers if I want. Other times I give my hair a break with going to sleep with nothing in it – and start over in the morning for looking my best for my clients.

Natural Styled – after hydration – styling products are applied to help keep formations and clumps together and compresses hair to some extent and reduces frizz, halo and dryness.
Hair that is colored looks natural and is an extension of oneself.
This is the stage that most people encounter when they experience a Service Experience catering specifically to their hair type with a stylist as they go from frizz to waves, curls & coils.

From this stage your confidence may grow and desire more options – you may accept and embrace your hair to be Natural Nude or Natural Hydrated only – or – you may desire to achieve a more Natural Fashion.

Natural Fashion – expression of hair that may need a twist on looser pieces, a styling tool to add more shape or products to add design elements. Additional color or methods to add tone and lights to your hair by a colorist to draw the eye to your hair for a noticeable expression of your hair & personality.
Once you know the ‘rules’ you gain confidence to ‘break’ them and go for expressing yourself in ways that reveal your confidence.
While you may read not to do certain things – some break these rules knowing that their personal routine keeps their hair healthy and does not go back to a Natural Nude that reveals unhealthy hair – but a Healthy Natural Nude that doesn’t make you hair get worse over time like it did back in the day.
You can achieve expression of your hair and keep it in healthy condition once you develop a routine to manage your hair based on your growing knowledge of products and ingredients.
Curly Hair Artistry members help you develop a routine to care for your hair to keep it healthy as the other option is people ‘guessing’ and it achieves a cosmetic look that ‘looks’ good but over time is drying out from excessive oils, silicones and heat damage. CHA reveals to you how to keep and maintain a Healthy Routine of Curl Care to achieve individualized expression.
While you may experience temporary dryness or an altered state of hydration levels – you can get right back on track to balance out your hair quickly – and this keeps your hair healthy in the long run.

Fashion – achieving runway looks – almost going back to Natural Nude with high frizz and teasing to express their hair using tools to create texture and extreme shape for not only the runway but for parties and photo shoots. Some will use a variety of colors. Many discover a new tool, color or process to express their hair in new ways. Many times hair will be abused or mistreated and a consequence of dry or damaged hair will result so care must be taken in your personal routine to keep hair as healthy as possible. Some do this for a ‘season’ of life and some do it as a ‘way’ of life.

I think it is very important even – for manufactures – to reveal the truth in their advertising for what is done to the models hair. Why? If a manufacture is promoting ‘natural’ and they used ‘fashion’ techniques on the model…they should reveal that. There is nothing more frustrating in advertising something as Natural when in fact tools were used to achieve the look and there is NOTHING wrong with that – just reveal that truth to us and we will love you even more.

In my own eyes, I love all forms of individual expression and do not judge or criticize a persons freedom to express who they are through their hair – while I may focus on Natural Styled hair as my business is about taking in People of Curl and teaching them the foundation of The MAP product application and giving them a Cubist Curl Cut – I also help them to care for their hair in whatever stage they desire to learn about – once they have the foundation set in place.

I encourage you to express yourself as your confidence grows – to achieve freedom in expressing yourself through your waves, curls and coils truly is MagiCurl!