Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method (online course) is LIVE!

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My blog has been quiet as the information is timeless and continues to help others to embrace their naturally wavy & curly hair all over the globe. I look over the analytics and see people in Russia, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, England and more finding my blog to help and encourage them on their journey.

Over the past year I have started to film what I do on thousands of people and based on many of you readers of my blog asking for a video tutorial and course to help YOU embrace your hair – I have completed the course and it is now live and is available by clicking here.

This video based course was shot in my studio and covers how to apply products on wavy and curly hair. If you have kinky, coils or afro hair then this course is not designed for you. There are others online resources that do a great job and it was in my research that wavy and curly hair (like mine or looser) need the most help and are asking for help.


If you ever wanted access to me for helping you with your wavy/curly hair – now is the chance!

This course has the exact same content and resources that I use everyday – if you can not make it to my studio and sit in my chair – this is THE NEXT BEST THING. You get the same care and content that my clients get.

There are NO REFUNDS with this course.

It is designed to help those of you that do not know how to care for your hair or manage them – this is for you!

If you ALREADY know how to care for your hair and you just want more information – do not get this.

If you are (in your own words) a product junky and want the most up to date information – do not get this.

This is a unique approach that is combined in a unique method to teach others with and it will help those of you who want manageable hair that no one has ever taught you before.

I do mention the water soluble products I use and retail in my studio but I realize that you may not have access to them in your region but you STILL deserve to learn how to embrace your hair and use what products you have no matter where you live. This method works with any product but of course water soluble products are best and tell me a story of your hair getting better over time (not worse as it is with most cases).

If you are interested in sexy, professional & beautiful hair and you have been following me over time – this is what you have been waiting for!

Here again is the link

Every blog ends with my signature saying and its just as true now as it has been over the years: learning to embrace your God-given hair and have it contribute to your dignity as a person of curl is truly MagiCurl!

I will see you in the course!

Scott Musgrave: creator of Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method