Curly Hair Artistry – BEST OF 2013 – (Part 1)

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As far as products are concerned, we are a group of Artists that meet by discussing products freely, without fear of criticism or judgement, and learn about which ones work best overall for the majority of stylists that incorporate variety in their work. Our community is non-product specific as we do not want a brand identity influencing our choices or decisions on what to use or how we use them. We are much like a Consumers Reports when it comes to experimenting with products that work great for us and best for you, the client. This past year has brought us a wonderful Gel from Jessicurl named Spirialicious Styling Gel. It has amazing hold and controls frizz with the methods we use for application. We have named Spirialicious Gel product of the year. You can find it here:

This leads us to what we have found to be the best Fusion Blend in 2013. (Fusion Blending is taking two different brands and combining them to make something new, either together or layered on the hair one after the other.) CHA Master Educator Robin Sjoblom created a super combo of applying this blend on wet hair, leaving in a bit of conditioner, using Deva’s Frizz Free Volumizing Foam all over and then applying Jessicurls Spirialicious Gel on top to seal it all up. Let dry and fluff it up after it is dry to have the most beautiful frizz free waves and curls. It is the best Fusion Blend Combo of the year! Deva’s Frizz Free Foam can be found here:

Robin has also contributed what we feel is a breakthrough with The Art of Clipping Hair to create movement, height and volume that is called Rainbow Clipping. This is something we share with our clients or in our Artist Teaching Sessions. Thank you Robin for sharing what works best for you with us. Robin can be found through this link:

What conditioner do we sell the most of and love using in our work? Best of 2013 goes to Deva’s One Condition is most used in our salons and in our own hair for the hydration it gives. You can leave some in, rinse it all out, use it as a styling aid or even to cleanse your scalp as a Co-Wash. We love it and it will be hard to beat:

One new cleanser that we were made aware of came from Ron Suriano of Moisture Salon in Schenectady, NY who can be found at: Ron has experimented with a line called NYC Curls and many are fond of the Cleanser that is Wheat Free along with the delightful mint scent that feels great on the scalp with no residue. It can be found here:

After applying products on the hair, many have started using a Flour Sack Towel on their hair to scrunch in the products, fill in the hair better, get nice formations and reduce air dry time by reducing the water left in the hair. You can find these towels in stores in packages of a dozen for $10-15. While many use a T-Shirt as well, the Flour Sack Towel won with votes for something new and different that worked really well.

This is Part 1 in a series of what Curly Hair Artistry has found to be some top of the line products, methods and tools for doing what we do that are used in your visit to a CHA Artist.