Curly Hair Thinking

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So many ‘Curlies’ are out there getting ‘Straight Hair Thinking’ hair cuts. The end result is a boxy, lamp shade, triangle -bushy shape with weird hairs that lay longer on the bottom. This is what I DON’T do.

Curly Hair Thinking is a whole new process of treating Curly Hair. I use a FreeForm method of cutting your curls on dry hair-one curl at a time. I do not touch your hair with any type of comb. I take you through the lifestyle of what a curlie deals with and how to make your hair look wonderful day after day….even in humidity and the rain!
I book a 1 1/2 – 2 hour appointment with you and it goes by in a blink. This time is all for you and about you and your curls.

My Curl Cuts last about 5 months…or LONGER! And you don’t look like a bubble or a triangle growing out either. Using the Deva products will keep your hair filled with shine and frizz free. Most of my clients get around 4 products to start with and I have a Lifestyle card that has what products are used and the sequence of use, so that you have a ‘prescription’ card of how to duplicate this at home.

Visit my business Facebook page and ‘like’ it and I will friend you to my personal page where women all over the globe are talking about their curls. It is important for me to keep your curls up to date with what is going on.

I look forward to meeting you and your curls!

Scott Musgrave
Curly Hair Specialist