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We as hairstylists have come to realize that curly hair should not be treated the way we are taught in cosmetology schools across the globe. As stylists leave their journey at cosmetology school, a simple fact emerges – that wavy, curly and multi textural hair is not treated with respect for what it is but is treated as something to fix.

While product manufacturers may dictate information fed to hair stylists, we at Curly Hair Artistry make the art, methods, techniques and the business of working with curly hair a priority. We can influence not only the artist working with curly hair, but more importantly, the more than 65 percent of the population that have some form of wave, curl or multi textural hair, who sit in our chairs every day. They were born with it, and they very much want to learn how to work with it instead of being manipulated to achieve a less-than-desired effect, either physically with heat irons or chemicals, or more importantly, psychologically and in their soul and the spirit of who they are.

Lorraine Massey, the author of Curly Girl the Handbook, said that “Curly hair is not a fad but a lifestyle.” We at Curly Hair Artistry agree with this to the point of developing a team of over 80 stylists who are taking curly hair to new levels of artistry. We want to enable this lifestyle to be a significant part of a man and woman’s journey in life that is working, not based on brand identity, but based on the identity and growth of the artists, our inner drive and our passion for transforming the lives of the clients who sit in our chairs every day.
Hair stylists all over are dropping the antiquated salon service of ‘fixing’ hair and developing methods and techniques of working with water soluble products to reduce or eliminate frizz. We are working to refine and develop ways of working on hair that takes how the hair lives and to incorporate new design elements. By going outside the typical ‘triangle head’ or ‘Rosanrosanadanna’ look that have pushed many into using straight hair layering methods, we now incorporate a system of curl- by-curl cutting. We are headed into a niche business that requires a specialized knowledge that is not taught in many places; and therefore, it should command a fee that will enrich the stylist’s way of life. Look at the average income that was reported recently by some leading reporting agencies to recognize this potential. The approach is a Boutique Business Model of one-on-one service that exceeds anything presently out there when it comes to working with curly hair.

Initially some of these methods were worked on, refined and systemized into a method by Scott Musgrave, a curly hair specialist that started a group of like minded hair stylists with a few ideas and shared them with others. Scott realized that over time this can be repeated and has helped many other stylists adopt this way of working with hair to impact their clients, impact their business and impact their own lives with many rewards not often seen in this industry. Our group is now comprised of stylists all over the world that communicate with each other in new ways to offer guidance, ask questions and post photos showing their work that take their service experience to new levels of professionalism.

Curly hair can be naturally beautiful all by itself with something I call ‘Natural’ and that requires a skill set to make it beautiful that is just not taught much in our industry. Next it can be taken to what I call ‘Natural Fashion’ where elements of design and shape are added along with color, finally to what is more of what the salon industry sees with ‘Fashion’ adding elements that are great for the runway or fashion shoots. What is most clearly missing is working with curly hair in its Natural and even to create Natural Fashion elements. All of this makes for artistry that we want to introduce to the salon industry as Curly Hair Artistry.

Learning to work with curly hair from an antiquated mind set as something to ‘fix’ does not help our clients to love what they are born with and requires a stylist to learn a new set of skills, to ask a new set of questions and to learn a few new methods of communicating with the heart of a curly person. It all has to start with a new mind set toward respecting and appreciating what many People of Curl are first born with and to then learn as stylists about it with a new level of professionalism.

Over time you will be learning about what we do and how we do it by offering tips, showing our work and revealing the many artists that are taking their own form of working with curly hair to new levels.

Welcome to Curly Hair Artistry.