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Hello – I have been getting so many great testimonies and photos from People of Curl – all around the globe – of success with Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method online course – thank you all for submitting, sharing and sending in photos of your results.

If you would like to check into this course – CLICK HERE

I have had many people request this online course based on my blog – MagiCurly Blog – and what was missing was a video based course sharing more in-depth methods, techniques and a system to put it all together and what the online course does is present to you a complete system of embracing your wavy/curly hair.

The course is $97 USFunds – and some are saying its reasonable and some are saying its cheap with a few saying its expensive – I understand this. One thing I want you to understand is that I get daily requests for help and do not have time to answer all of these questions of help. I can not do Skype sessions for this many people. I can not recommend products for you as you need a system – not more products.

What people spend on products and time is amazing.

The next time you go to the market to buy products -online or in person – that you dont know how to use or even if they are meant for your hair, take a look at all the products under your counter – be reminded of all the hours you spend online researching or looking to other product junkies that market other brands – the pages of product drama online and on YouTube – the undisciplined use of product knowledge is NOT enough – now is the time to stop the endless loop of frustration, confusion and overwhelm by getting to FINALLY learn how to embrace your wavy/curly hair.

To finally get back a part of your life, not spend so much time online researching and to get my personal guidance to help YOU is invaluable to finally reach a point where you can look in the mirror and love what you see – as well as – get genuine compliments from others that see your hair.

I have recently taken parts of my blog – put them on hold – as I am editing them to be in my first eBook/book and will work on this for the early part of next year. I got a LOT of editing to do!

This information is changing lives and I want to thank each of you that has trusted me with your journey.

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