Fix Your Hair – Really?

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Fix your hair – really?

What you are born with for waves, curls & multi cultural combination hair is not damaged…maybe a bit thirsty and dry but that is actually normal for us People of Curl.

When you go to a traditional stylist and they are used to someone with frizz say, “I hate my hair – fix it” and the stylist will have a plethora of certificates on their wall including extensions, perms, color, Brazilian straighteners and some others – all designed to ‘fix’ your hair.

What is missing from the wall of certificates is one for ‘Embracing’ hair and a set of skills, knowledge and passion for learning how to take someone from ‘hating’ their hair to ‘embracing’ their hair.

I have found that most people with curls want only two things – and I have learned this by asking most people who have straightened their hair – I ask, “Why do you straighten or flat iron your hair?” and they say, “Because it is frizzy and I do not know how to handle it as I bought everything to use on it and nothing works.” Then I ask, “What if it would not be frizzy, would you wear it curly?” then they reply with, “No, as it is nothing but a triangle and it gets wide and huge….and frizzy.” So, I finish with, “What if your hair was cut not with traditional layer techniques that make it wide, bulky and clumpy – but what if your hair were to grow out going downward vs sideways…and not frizzy, would you wear it like that?” And that is the key – to not have frizz and to not grow out wide like a bell shape or Christmas tree….so, the answer I get all the time is, “Yes! But no one has ever done that or taught me.”

And that is where Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) comes in – as each of the members of CHA have embraced a passion that goes along with their certificates that differentiates them from the rest of the industry to help you embrace your curls. Many CHA Artists have even taken down their other certificates and focus on color and all forms of curls in helping you embrace your curls only. You can go ANYWHERE to get your hair ‘fixed’ but only select Artists focus on the Power of Embracement.

Wavy, Curly & Multi Cultural hair dominates the world – and the Salon Industry wants to profit from you with flat irons, chemical dependence on straightening & products to coat your hair with heavy oils and silly’cones – all of what you do not need and can learn to embrace your hair from a CHA Artist.

Learning that most services to ‘fix’ curly hair has over time created frustration, loss of a lot of money and lowing of your self esteem at wondering why this did not work.

So, my Curl Friend – your hair is not broken – all it simply needs is the proper care and attention that it deserves and locating a CHA Artist is easy if you are in the area of one – look them up on the future website that is being created.

CHA Artist Krista Leavitt has a website that has our current listing at (copy and paste as I am having hard time pasting link) that has many Artists listed who have done some CHA training or others that are passionate stylists in other methods of working with curls that show a level of Artistry in their work to be respected. Many CHA Artists attend an elite level of training that focuses on a variety of hair types, methods and techniques & professional products that is not being done anywhere else.

Embrace your hair can easily become a way of life – as the rest of the gimmicks are false solutions – and finding acceptance within is having peace with how you are born and that is MagiCurl.