Flax Seed Styling Gel Recipe

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A client experimented with making her own Flax Seed Styling Gel (FSSG) and shared the recipe with me to post here.

I use FSSG as a Filler. It is low on hold so if you use it by itself, your Curls will feel nice and soft but have no to very little hold. So you usually apply a Sealer on top of it. NOW if you mix in a Sealer – you will get some hold…experiment. Make this your own way! There are a lot of recipes out there and I am not saying that this is THEE one that will end your search…it is just an Option & Possibility.

There is no smell to this…’earthy’ is a great way to describe how this is. It is really fun to make your own products and there is a whole lot of YouTube videos and another world out there with making your own at home recipes. I think many of them are great too! Only thing is you gotta want to do it, prepare your work space in the kitchen as if you are cooking and all at home made products have a very short shelf space…so, many do not do it and buy good quality products from supporting their local stylist. ALWAYS support your local stylist first.

Here you go (in her type and words to give it a different ‘voice’)…

this is what i do now. you can play with it.

first, you need a pair of heavy rubber gloves and a knee high stocking, plus a 2 cup heatproof cup – i use a pyrex measuring cup. this stuff is used to strain the seeds. fit the knee high over the opening of the cup so you can pour the gel in when it’s done cooking.

so. boil 2 cups of water in a pan, and add 1/4 cup of flax seeds (i like the golden ones). bring to a low rolling boil and stir frequently until the gel gets kind of thick – 8-10 minutes, maybe? you will just have to do trial and error on how thick you like it. it’s pretty slimy and a little gross but it works so you’ll get over that.

once it’s done, pour the whole thing into the knee high in the cup. (be sure fill the pan with water right away so the gel doesn’t cement itself on – that can be a pain.) let the gel cool for a bit and then put on the rubber glove and squeeze the knee high to get out as much of the gel from the seeds as you can – this can take a lot of squeezes. you’ll figure out a method that works for you.

if you want you can make a second batch of gel from the seeds, just use same basic process with less water. it’s a little messy and the gel is thinner, but it works if you want a lot of gel. or you can freeze the seeds and use them again later. or, since the seeds are cheap, you can just pitch them. (i compost mine. of course.)

anyway, when it’s done, rinse everything out while the gel cools some more – it gets thicker as it cools. then mix whatever of the following you like into the gel:

1 tsp agave nectar (or honey)

1 tsp aloe gel (as pure as you can find)

1 tsp jojoba oil (or whatever hair oil you like – my hair is dry so i use a bit more)

a few drops of essential oil – lavender is nice, plus it’s a preservative.

i also add 1/4 tsp of citric acid as a preservative. you might want to start with straight gel and add things one at a time to see what you and your hair like.

you have to keep your main supply in the fridge because the stuff does go bad pretty quickly – i have a little auxiliary bottle i refill and keep in the bathroom. the gel also freezes pretty well.


I really love the way FSSG feels on my curls and on my clients curls. Soft, and very addicting to what it does to your hair. Like I said…no smell either. So that is why you can add a drop of oils or your fav fragrance. I like fragrance free myself.

Jessicurl has Rockin Ringlets and Gelebration Spray with FSSG in it. Great results with this used as a Filler.

Deva has B’LeavIn and this has NO FSSG in it, but is LIKE it – only thicker. I LOVE B’LeavIn as there is not another product out there like it. My favorite Filler.

I have even heard of people using KY Gelly as a Filler!

So, there ya go…give it a try – do your research and experiment and have some fun with making your OWN products. It’s Magical…ooops, MagiCurl!