Going Grey? You can DO IT – Learning to Embrace Silver Hair!

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Susan Nelson made a decision for herself – and this is something I recommend all my clients do for any choice they consider taking on – do it for yourself first – and she did!

Silver Hair is BEAUTIFUL!

Taking on Positive Change is empowering to many that sit in my chair every day. When you are confident about a transformation the decision will be easier to embrace. For many it starts with asking family and then asking their hair stylist.

When you ask family – you never know what you will get for a reply – as people have be conditioned by what you have been doing (color in this case or straightening hair if you are curly) and I have found that many people have a difficult time visualizing possibilities, so in their insecurity they will say something like, “I like you the way you are.” or “What ever you want to do is fine with me.”
Some family members may get a bit more opinionated with, “Don’t you think that will make you look older?” or, “Do you think your husband will like that?”

Our own loving family can often make comments that hurt the most for some reason – as I have heard worse in my daily work and will keep those comments in my thoughts for now and not on this blog.

So with a bit of curiosity many will take THE QUESTION to their hair stylists – “I am considering going grey – what do you think?” – and BOOM!

I LOVE this question.

This question reveals a hidden strength in a woman that desires to be embraced and empowered!

You see – you MUST take on this journey FOR YOURSELF FIRST, as if you are sensitive to the opinions of others or take into consideration their comments – you WILL be vulnerable to this positive change and not go for it. People will say rude comments, look at your hair more so than your eyes as they talk to you and wonder out loud as to why you are doing this…and if you do it for others you will most likely give in and not do it – but if you are doing this for yourself then those comments will not persuade you to go off your vision – you will hold strong (or call or email me if you need encouragement, as many do).

Thing is….many stylists will consider the missing income or fear what their clients will look like and make the stylist ‘look bad’ if people found out where they go to and if over time there other friends ‘go grey’ they will loose a lot of income.

I don’t take those into consideration. As there is enough business out there for stylists to succeed without worrying about a few clients to take on their journey to embrace their natural hair.

I am much more about taking on a women willing to risk then have 10 that won’t. My chair is filled with Risk Takers every day – all they need is a supportive environment to achieve success. And I need it as well!

So – I told Susan, “I know it will be beautiful – lets do it!”

Next up is the question – “How do I do this?”

And it is different for each person, but overall I tell the same story and have found it to work for the majority of women that embrace their silvers. Just DO IT!

I told Susan, “Well…you let it go. You don’t highlight or low light as you would have to grow that out as well and highlights on color treated hair will explode the hair and look worse – so in your case you just grow it out.”

She has been to another stylist previously who applied other options.

Well…she took it on! She listens to me with the simplest of options – “let it go” and takes the uncomfortable journey to, over time, embrace comfort in your beautiful silver hair.

I asked Susan to tell her story and she sent me this email in her own unedited words:

In the fall of 2013 I started looking for a
Curly hair specialist wondering if there was such a thing. I have had life long struggles
With my hair which is very curly and frizzy.
I found Scott Musgrave on the Internet in Cary, N.C. I couldnd believe that I was seeing that he was actually a curly hair specialist! I said yeah right! I didn’t call right
Away but remembered his name. I finally called and sent him my picture and we set up an appointment on Halloween. He did a detox and removed silicones that had been drying my hair. He did a cubist curl cut and my hair
Curled like I had never seen before.
I started at the same time to let my color grow out. It was a slow frustrating process but the thought of the end result would be worth it!
I experienced negativity especially from my family. Some didn’t like the curls some didn’t like the grey. “It will make you ten years older!” Well in the meantime I did some highlights to soften the line between the color and my grey. It really dried out my ends and i couldn’t seem to repare it! I started with products I got from Scott, all without silicones like Deva Curl believin and Deva Ultra gel.
Since I was experimenting with the curly girl products i have gone through several of them getting frustrated even more. The process was hard to figure out for me to find what I liked. First cleanser, then conditioner, then filler, then sealer. As time went by my roots were growing out more and more. I actually got complements with my grey showing! Some said, “Did you color your hair to look like that?” I finally had sorted through so many of the products that I pretty much knew what I liked! I like Nyc cleanser, Pureganique cleanser. I like Deva one condition and Heaven in Hair. I like believin sometimes and Raw Curls Moose. The sealers I like are Mop top curly custard and Jessicurls Spiralicous.
The more my hair grew the more I hated the dead ends and had to get them off. I get compliments now and people ask, “who does your hair!” My curls are so much healthier now without the color. Since Scott has been cutting my hair I can get amazing curls! I won’t lie there are bad hair days too when I wish I had straight and might straighten it only to sometimes wet it down again! I have found you just can’t change what God has given you! Now I am just looking forward to see it grow!
Susan Nelson

———-end email————

Susan has the courage and strength to take a risk and like anyone doing something that lacks a vision and needs clarity is to find those that will support her on that journey – and I did that for her. She just needed support and hearing words of confidence that it will work out for her.

I don’t want her money or to keep her ‘chemically dependent’ on stylists for hair color services – I want her to find a salon and stylist that supports HER for going on an uncertain journey to feel beautiful and to embrace her God-given hair.

I have found a community on Facebook called GGG Going Grey Beauty Guide and recommend the support that you can get in the journey of Embracing your silver hair.

Embracing your silver is not about age – as I have women in their late 20’s refusing color and also in their 30-50’s who do not color.

They are professional, sexy & beautiful no matter what the age and many are working with successful careers as well as much needed stay at home Mom’s (my wife did it for 10 years – and it is so worth it).

I have made a decision to no longer do any form of hair color.

Embracing your silvers – is MagiCurl!