Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

I hear that some husbands or parents ask, “How much for a hair cut?” “Dang, you can go down the street for $15”.

Some have paid $15 or $150 for a cut – and got about the same thing…disappointed!

Everyone has a bunch of products that were promised to help out…again, disappointed!

As I spend time with my clients and do some research on the value that is given from Curly Hair Specialists all over the world, it really is amazing in reading how many times that the service is so valued to the many that try it out, and when they take a chance on going to a stylist that specializes in Curly Hair, they find comfort in finally finding someone that gives them a sense of being understood for the first time in their lives.

Most People of Curl go to a salon two times a year on average. Many leave the salon wet after their shampoo, comb out wet cut and do not want a brush to touch their hair, many do not use a flat iron or a want a blow out. While some do not mind seeing their hair straightened out after a cut 1—2 times a year – most do not wear it that way and just leave wet.

I hear stories of people taking their own products and applying them in the car. The rear view mirror is their best friend!

One of my clients used to go to a fast food chain and get a few cups of water to pour over her head to redo in the parking lot. Ice chunks and all poured over to re-wet their hair!

Spray bottles in the purse are used by some for the same reasons – to redo their hair.

Do you have some hair ties in your purse? Why? For an after salon visit!

As the hair grows out and dries out from the ‘high sales pressure to purchase shampoo or silicone based products’ and a triangle from the ‘I know how to work with curly hair’ layering techniques – all not meant for your curls – many do not look forward to their next salon visit – many have told me that they dread the salon more so than going to the dentist!

Can it be any different? Oh – yes! There are people all over the world looking on line for salons and stylists to go to for help and are pleasantly surprised to find that there are stylists that actually specialize in working with curly hair. But yet, it seems so foreign – as most say, “Why have I not heard of this before?”

What if you found someone that actually loved working with your hair? What if you found someone that actually knew what products we meant for your hair type and over time your hair could actually improve over time and get better? What if you actually liked how your hair grew out over time and maintained its shape much better? Would learning a new routine that teaches you how to work with your hair be of value to you?

Can it be possible that a Service Experience exists that totally caters to your wavy/curly/multi textural hair be possible?

Yes – to all of this.

What you pay for in the salon with a curly hair specialist is way more than the writing out of a check, or the numbers on a credit card – no, you get someones passion and care that is expressed in giving you comfort and confidence in knowing there is someone that specializes in not only knowing about your hair – but also your heart, wellbeing and all of what you have been through to develop a service that is up and above and exceeds anything out there – this has reached a level of Artistry for many – and requires more time, attention and detail that gives you a sense of being understood. This has reached a point where you actually look forward to a future hair appointment for the first time in your life.

YES! There really is another world out there that speaks a vocabulary that is initially ‘weird’ but over time it resonates with your soul – as it is something that you find easy to understand in a short period of time – that makes for a ‘language’ to look forward to talking about on your next visit. I am always amazed at the first time session with a client, introducing them to this ‘world’ and how it can be a bit overwhelming at first….they go home and work it out….they return on the next visit all excited and ‘talking the talk’ – it is so fast to learn something that should have been shown to you long ago but wasn’t.

Clients from all over the world are actually excited to be with their curly hair specialist. When you return to the stylist knowing that their care, passion and integrity are incorporated and valued specifically for you and revealed through the service, cutting methods and product application techniques.
So much training, practice and experience goes into your service. That is a sign of an Artist that truly loves their craft.

You see, it is not just about paying for a hair cut – it is more about an Artist living a lifestyle that has embraced their passion into a Service Experience that brings their passion to you.

Is it worth it? I realize not everyone can afford some of these stylists and that some are in areas that income levels and the economy is something to also consider. But when you do learn about it and save up for it – I hear from many that it is of value and it can now be incorporated into the budget for many….and having someone love on you and be excited to see you sit in their chair for the first time in your Curly Life…this really is MagiCurl.