Learning to Care for your Curls – Kim’s Makeover

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One of my most favorite client transformation was with Kim – and what great proof this is of doing what Curly Hair Artists (CHA) do everyday with clients that come in with hair like this:


As you can see the hair on the left was very dry & frizzy = and the main reason for this was because it was being shampooed a lot and coated with styling products that had silicone in them…any ingredient ending with ‘cone’ are bad guys in the curly hair world. So shampoo and silicones = bad hair = hair that never gets better over time.

Kim’s hair was so coated with silicone that it was repelling water.

What is the solution?

Well you can switch products and wait for the silicones to come off – but I have found that doing it all in one visit is ideal. I do what is called a Detox and is an in-salon treatment of removing product build up and then go in for an intense hydration session to help restore moisture and also sometimes a protein balance. The photo above was Detoxed and had a general Curl Cut on dry hair with scissors and hands alone cut. No brushes or combs allowed in my salon!

Over time Kim came back and my jaw dropped at how well her hair improved – as we selected the Deva line of products to aid in the recovery of her hair and look at how beautiful it came in from her own styling – something I teach every client that sits in my chair to do – so they have a routine of how to work with their hair for the rest of their life! It was obvious she caught on well!

It is wonderful to have a client come in that trusts her hair stylist to do things with her hair that has not been successfully done before.

Taking long hair and going shorter with it is something I specialize in and requires knowledge of hair porosity, curl type and how to combine that all together with product application – and as you can see in the after photo – she loved it!

Over time, Kim is now growing her hair back out and will reveal her new length and hair in a future Facebook Post on “Scott Musgrave Hair” or even here in a blog of updates.


Working with a Curly Hair Artist means that you will get the best care for your wavy, curly and multi Cultural hair. CHA focuses on developing the Inner Artist and while many will use just one brand – some Artists use what it takes to get your hair in the best condition with a variety of brands.

What is most important is the person sitting in our chair and most clients need more experienced Artists to select products and develop a routine unique to each person.

I personally love helping a woman embrace her hair, to learn a routine that will bring out the beauty of their natural hair and in the end – this gives a woman confidence, a feeling of being sexy, as well as, professional – combine that all together and that is truly MagiCurl!