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I read a lot and love to surround myself with other leaders who read as well.

This is a blog about inspiration & success.

Here are a few resources that are Affiliate Links to Amazon that I get a small commission on – or you can buy the resources separately if you choose to.

I just received a book that I have not read yet – and here is the link to the book on Amazon:

Miss Jessie’s Book

Her story is one of revealing the insides and out of building a business and was highly recommended to me.

I have journaled for many years keeping notes, quotes and moments of inspiration and many people have asked me what Journal I use for keeping track of my Curl Journey Journal and I use what is called a Midori Travelers Notebook (MTN) and it is here:

Midori Travelers Notebook


These leather notebooks have inserts that you can buy separately to add to your MTNotebook to personalize it. They attach with basic bands to the inside and mine holds 3 – I use mine for inspiration, a weekly calendar that is blank for me to fill in and a separate insert for checks and bank notes for deposits. I will do a video of my set up soon. The leather takes on a personal look from my travels & daily use. Many use it for art journaling, expenses and debt reduction – notes. It can be whatever you want it to be. I will be explaining my Curl Journey Journal soon as well. The Midori Inserts of which the one I linked has 128 pages and is a nice thin wonderful paper to write on that comes from Japan.

As I create my own form of Art – I learned from a lot from reading the work of Steven Pressfield with first The War of Art (click title for affiliate link) as well as Turning Pro and both these books mention the RESISTANCE that keeps one stuck in not producing their form of art and how to recognize this Resistance to break down the barriers to create your art. I am reading both a 3rd time – as I read them for inspiration and learn from them depending on the season I am in – so I learn from every reading.

Finally – a book that captures some unique photography along with simple captions based on a popular blog called Humans of New York (click for the affiliate link to the book). This is a book I pick up to find out how Brandon Stanton captures a moment in his photography of people living life and also quotes a statement or reveals what they are up to or thinking – imagine being able to see the thoughts of others and to learn about the variety of cultures that we live in – this book does that in a simple way. It’s a book to pick up now and then to read and marinate in, as I could read this in one sitting, but I wanted to enjoy it over time. I see that Brandon will do a follow up book with more Stories in it by end of the year.

Thanks for letting me add on a blog that captures some of the unique resources that I discuss with my clients, peers and friends that I believe will be of interest to you as well.

Feel free to leave your comments below in the comments section and I look forward to your journey in walking with success – that to me is MagiCurl!