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I am in shock that my own Hair Styling Industry is telling readers in trade journals and in their marketing that Silicones are to be used and of benefit from using the recommended products.

I have seen over time the use of silicones and the consequences of the build up that accumulates on the hair and scalp and this is something to be genuinely concerned about.

As I have mentioned before that the concern with silicones is that they build up on the hair shaft and this prevents the proper hydration that is required to keep hair elastic, soft and in a state of growth instead of breaking off. Silicones are a form of plastic that accumulates on the hair shaft much like a Slim Jim that wraps up a piece of dried meat. As the hair gets coated in plastic it starts to dry out from the inside and starts to swell and eventually breaks off creating thousands of different lengths of hair all over the head that creates uncontrollable frizz and a halo effect of loose hairs.

Look over your products – all of them – to see if you find what my Curly Hair Artistry associate Cassie Rose Carnahan on her website lists some to avoid:

Bisaminopropyl dimethicone
Cetearyl methicone
Cetyl Dimethicone
Stearoxy Dimethicone
Stearyl Dimethicone
Behenoxy Dimethicone
Phenyl trimethicone

It is SILLY to have such a recommendation from my own industry to say that curly hair should use products with these ingredients listed in their products.

What happens when you use silicones? They build up, feel sticky & tacky at times, get slimy when wet, have a weird sheen to them whey dry, clump hair together, prevents moisture and some will have the weird straight hairs on the last 2 inches of the hair, feels slippery after rinsing out the ingredients when in the shower and more.

SO – what can you do?

Stop using them and the plastic starts to shed off the hair cuticle and will look flaky on some people – like dandruff and it is actually the plastic pieces shedding off the hair. Once this happens enough, the hair starts to revert back to its natural state of frizz and look dry – it is at this time that you must learn to get the same effect of the silicone products but now with water soluble products. And over time your hair will become beautiful and improve in its appearance and over all condition. You see, a silly’cone is like a bandaid – it just sits there – but water soluble products improve the hair over time and is why I love my job so much as it is beyond belief for what can happen to your hair once you start and live from a water soluble product routine.

If you use silicones – start off with a Detox from Plastics that is written about here on my blog page – do a search for it.

This article touches base with the consequences of using Silly’Cones. There are Parabens as well that build up on hair and they are listed on products as well. These are all ingredients that keep your hair coated. Manufactures want you to use Shampoo that raises the cuticle to make it dry, poofy & frizzy and eventually break over time – then they want you to use their silicone based products to seal up the hair with liquid plastic – this is a destructive cycle that goes on for years if not the whole life of some curly’s. Imagine many that use silicone base products to repel moisture and humidity and then flat iron their hair! Oh my – yes you apply 450 degree of heat to melt the silicone into your hair – and wonder why your hair is not curling when you want to wear it curly – as it looks irregular and out of sorts. Makes you want to cut it all off or do something like a Straightening Treatment to make it more str8 instead of learning how to work with what you are born with.

You can learn to love what you are born with.

When you stop using the shampoo and silicone based products – your hair starts a journey of healing and that is why I write about what is working for myself, my Curly Hair Artistry associates and also my clients – as their hair comes back in better and better condition and that is exciting – so exciting in fact that it truly is MagiCurl.