Surface Cleansers: Baking Soda & Vinegar

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Surface Cleansers: Baking Soda & Vinegar

Read any DIY blog or article on ‘how to clean your counter tops and kitchen appliances and windows’ and they all recommend vinegar to put in your spray bottle to disinfect and make your appliances squeaky clean.

If you want to take things to another level and scrub your pots and pans you can get a box of Baking Soda and go to town on scrubbing the burnt grit off of your cast iron pan with some elbow grease.

Thing is….people are putting this stuff on their hair as well…over and over. This Principle of Repetition is doing so much harm to our hair that many people think this is better than using anything else for the cause to ‘be natural’ and I have to tell you that there are some great Organic & Natural products that I can recommend and have done so to repair the damage that mistreatment from ACV and BS are causing and with proper use and routine management you can have great hair most of the time once you learn how to.

For years Baking Soda (BS = interesting initials) and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) have been used for all sorts of purposes and I have discovered that over time that two violations occur that are central to my Professional Vision and Mission – in that you have been mis-informed and mis-treated with how to work with your hair and my Mission is to Inform you and Treat you well with my Service Experience and content.

In an effort to look for help with their hair – that they are not getting in salons or from their stylists – people are going online to get help for their curls and finding confusion and overwhelm with what to do and they are also coming into my studio everyday wondering if it is working for them…and when I ask what they are doing and using it is SHOCKING to discover how many are mistreating their hair from faulty information.

How are you Misinformed? One is being told to ‘wash’ your hair every time with BS or ACV – or get this….one after the other. The BS (alkaline) will strip your hair and raise the cuticle (REALLY bad if you have High Porosity hair btw) and then the ACV (acidic) closes it back down (of which the natural cuticle on People of Curl NEVER closes down – it is born with a variety of raised layers which is why we need a proper water soluble ‘Filler’ as explained with The MAP process I teach).

Over time your hair reveals what happens with the wrong information – it becomes Mistreated with discoloration, raised cuticle and breakage that cause Halo and self-inflicted FRIZZ.

We don’t need to add to what we already naturally have.

You may experience a TEMPORARY benefit from using BS or ACV the first time or two – as it DOES REMOVE TOXINS such as silicones, excessive use of oils on dry hair to make for a water repellent coating, hard water and even swimmers hair – but this is supposed to be used once in awhile as neededNOT EVERY TIME YOU CLEANSE.
It becomes too much of a ‘good thing’ if used excessively and will make your hair fragile from the overuse of going from an Acidic State (ACV) to Alkaline State (BS) and produces strain on an already fragile piece of hair that most People of Curl naturally have.

There are even a few that abuse their hair with excessive use of Vitamin C treatments (of which is acidic) and can cause mistreated hair as well from misuse.

So what to do?

Most find a great sulfate free cleanser and many even use what I recommend with The Principle of Alternation with using a cream based cleanser and alternating it with a sulfate free gentle lather type of cleanser through out the week. Once a month or even once every two months they may use ONE of the mentioned Detoxing DIY surface build up removers.

Learning to treat and inform yourself with proper curl-care is MagiCurl.

Questions & Comments:

In the comment section below – tell us how ACV and BS or Vit. C is helping you? or do you even notice if it is hurting your hair? Do you know what to look for more so than feel if it is harming your hair or helping your hair?

Many do not Alternate – is this something you would consider?

Many use one type of cleanser and it gets heavy or many use one that is too striping – have you discovered one that is proper for your porosity of hair?