eBook Coming Out Soon!

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Hello – I have been getting so many great testimonies and photos from People of Curl – all around the globe – of success with Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method online course – thank you all for submitting, sharing and sending in photos of your results. If you would like to check into this course – CLICK HERE …


Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method (online course) is LIVE!

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Hello! My blog has been quiet as the information is timeless and continues to help others to embrace their naturally wavy & curly hair all over the globe. I look over the analytics and see people in Russia, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, England and more finding my blog to help and encourage them on their journey. Over the past year …

Curly Hair Artistry – Global Stylist Listing

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Curly Hair Artistry is a group of passionate Curly Hair Specialists that gather together on a private Facebook page and also meet in Curly Hair Salons a couple times a year to share information with each other and expand on what is possible with wavy, curly & multi cultural hair. Each Artist has a unique focus, passion and skill set …

Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it? I hear that some husbands or parents ask, “How much for a hair cut?” “Dang, you can go down the street for $15”. Some have paid $15 or $150 for a cut – and got about the same thing…disappointed! Everyone has a bunch of products that were promised to help out…again, disappointed! As I spend time …

Am I Right For You?

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There are around 3 types of Curly Stylist out there: 1) You call and ask, “Do you have anyone there who knows how to cut curly hair”? And you end up with someone WITH curly hair and they usually treat your curls with straight hair cutting techniques, use str8 hair tools and str8 hair prducts on your curls…leaving you with …