Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method (online course) is LIVE!

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Hello! My blog has been quiet as the information is timeless and continues to help others to embrace their naturally wavy & curly hair all over the globe. I look over the analytics and see people in Russia, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, England and more finding my blog to help and encourage them on their journey. Over the past year …


The Secret’s in Your Hair

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The Secret’s in Your Hair Everyday I hear stories or get emails, as well as, conversations on the phone from clients and the stories I hear from others around the globe reveal something unique about People of Curl – The Secret’s in Your Hair. What do I mean by that? I heard that line in a wonderful email from Cheryl …


Going Grey? You can DO IT – Learning to Embrace Silver Hair!

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Susan Nelson made a decision for herself – and this is something I recommend all my clients do for any choice they consider taking on – do it for yourself first – and she did! Silver Hair is BEAUTIFUL! Taking on Positive Change is empowering to many that sit in my chair every day. When you are confident about a …

5 Reasons Curly Hair Artistry is a Success!

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We are excited for the explosive growth of Curly Hair Artistry and wanted to share with you 5 principles that have helped CHA to achieve new levels of impacting the Curly Hair Industry (see if you can find them). 1) Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was started in January of 2013 by myself (Scott Musgrave who is a curly hair artist …

Wavy Hair

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I got some requests for learning more about Wavy hair. Wavy hair has it’s own unique qualities and this article will address some of what I have learned and experienced to help you all out with getting the most and best for your Wavy hair. The cuticle of most wavy hair is a bit more closed and has more shine …