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Welcome to Scott Musgrave Hair  

My goal is for you to stop trying to 'fix' your hair and to finally learn how to EMBRACE your hair.  

Yes - I am taking new clients! 

Step 1 of becoming a NEW CLIENT is to get on the same page with how I teach you to manage your hair with my online course called Cultivate Your Curls. 
Click the blue button to purchase this life-changing course to help you EMBRACE your wavy & curly hair. 

Cultivate Your Curls

About me & what I do

I am a hairstylist that specializes in wavy & curly hair. Also - I am married and we have twin boys. I love hiking, fitness, calisthenics, our church, cold plunges and all types of food & culture. 

Who are my clients? Well, I do not have one straight hair client (as they can go anywhere for a cut) - as I work only with wavy & curly hair. 

I have created a unique service experience teaching you how to work with and manage your hair for the first time in your life.

There are many reviews & articles on what I do online with one that I am proud of is being on a list of the worlds best curly hair specialists - click the blue box below to check it out. Yup, in little-ole Cary NC making an impact to serve those looking for wavy/curly hair help! 

One of the worlds best

Recommended Products

When you come to me for a visit (or purchase Cultivate Your Curls) I want to help you end the dreaded under-the-counter cemetery of products that do not work for you. 

When I teach you how to use products you will end up saving a lot of money because you will know what to purchase next time instead of 'guessing' what to buy. 

Here is my Amazon Affiliate list of recommended products, tools and resources to help you. 

Remember - its more about how you use a product than what product you have. So, when someone compliments you on your hair please recommend my course or to visit with me in my studio - as it is so important to know HOW to use products. 

Recommended Products

Founder of Curly Hair Artistry

I want to leave a legacy of teaching my methods of how I work with curly hair for professional hairstylists - from what I call Cubist Curl Cutting, unique marketing strategies and with learning how to apply products with The MAP Method through my course Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program (CHAMP). 

If you need a Curly Hair Artistry Specialist for working on your hair - check out our Stylist Locator on the menu - we have stylists who have trained with me globally on the blue tab below. 

Also - if you are a HAIRSTYLIST looking for live trainings or online courses (CHAMP) for advanced education - check out this website by clicking the blue box below. 

Curly Hair Artistry

How to book a session with me: 

I have a video on YouTube that explains how to become a client (click blue box below) - essentially I need you to be on the same page with me in how to work with your hair. Once you learn this from the Cultivate Your Curls online course all you will need is the cut. 

When you arrive with your hair set and ready to go - based on what you learned from the course - your cut will work best based on how YOU style it more so than how I style it. My clients all say this is THE BEST way to work with their hair! 

Cost of the course is $110 and a Cut ONLY Session is $100. Email is [email protected]


How To Become A Client Video

Curly Hair Specialists have traveled the world to train with me. 

What matters the most is the person that is sitting in my chair or is attending a live training or watching my online course - my focus is on YOU. 

My intention is to serve you best so that you no longer 'fix' your hair but learn to EMBRACE your hair. 

I take it even further with you no longer need to FIX you - you need to embrace more of who you already are. 

Working with your wavy & curly hair in my studio is a great start - I look forward to seeing you soon. 

The best way to stay in touch with me:

Sign up below to stay connected with me. I share YouTube video tips, when I go live on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Sometimes we need models at our live trainings or sometimes we just meet up and do a Zoom chat to help you with any frustrations or to share some success stories you may have with your hair. 

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Jan 10, 2022